Going out of town....with ONE bag

  1. You know how it is....when you're going somewhere FABULOUS. And most of us have sizeable bag collections, nothing's more fun than taking a few of the kids on vacation!! :beach:

    BUT.......Im doing the backpacking thing through a few countries (well, no hideous backpack for me. Im taking a small suitcase. heh). Im thinking my patent Ramona would be great. Ive thought about this, and I think its a great all-occasion, day-to-evening bag. Its huge, so its great for day--carrying things like digital camera, guide book, even my ballet flats. hehe The patent makes it decadent for the evening, despite the size. Its not heavy or bulky, doesnt have any logos, and the color matches everything. :love:

    If you're going out of town, and only taking ONE designer bag from your collection, for day AND night........which one would it be, and why? :nuts:
  2. I'd take my LV Speedy 30. Perfect size and it fits everything. I can put a ton of stuff in it and it doesn't feel heavy since there is no extra hardware. In terms of a bag for night use I'd carry a smaller clutch with me. Which is what a usually do, just carry a smaller clutch inside of my larger bags. Makes life =)
  3. Prada Gauffre tote..In Nylon..so I can use it in ALL weather.
  4. The few times that I have gone out of town with only bag it has been my rouge vif balanciaga city bag. Big enough to shlepp a ton of stuff during the day, pretty enough to carry at night.

    I almost always wear neutral colors, so a red bag goes with most of my wardrobe.
  5. Exactly... Balenciagas are good candidates, they easily convert from day to night. And the rouge is so pretty, so you wouldnt get tired of it. thats how I feel about the patent.

    The Gauffre is a really good one too, that was my 2nd choice. Unfortunately, I dont have one. heh

    GMB, thats a good idea!!

    I personally wouldn't wanna take a handbag to last me 4 weeks. Id get tired of carrying it on my forearm. I find shoulder-bags more comfortable. I have mostly gucci bags, but they are either too heavy or too ostentatious.
  6. I have been in the habit of taking my Fendi Diavolo - it's a couple of years old, so I don't care about it as much when I travel. Plus, it goes day to evening and fits just enough for a day out. It packs flat inside my suitcase, and fits very comfortable through a whole day walking. I used to take an old Prada, but to be honest, I find a bulky bag quite annoying to carry for a whole day of adventure

  7. :yes: I agree! I used my LV Speedy 30 and was able to put my dress, extensions, wallet, make-up case, PDA, digi cam, and flats inside with no problem!
  8. Here's the thing -

    I'm visiting my BFF but he's a GUY. Sure he has an expensive sword collection, but he just can't understand handbags as they're so different.

    I'd take the ultimate travel brand, LV and my self-birthday present (you can tell me when and how old I am! Perfection, huh? [I'm 25]): Speedy 25, but he HATES LV!!!!!!! He thinks the monogram is ugly. He'd also probably think it was too expensive, but it was NOT!

    Or I'd take my new COACH but it WAS expensive and it screams expensive and it's HUGE (for me). So he wouldn't understand. THAT bag would be perfect, since it's black AND brown. But no.

    I'm ending up taking a Coach satchel that I'm even going to sell as soon as I get back, which is just wrong. But I'm selling every single one of my smaller bags.

    I might change my mind but I only have one day. I wish I were taking something fabu because we're going to Town Center at Boca Raton. Le sigh!!!

    Perhaps I'll take the brown/white tote pictured in my Signature. Nice for resort, huh?

    I'm leaving Thursday!!!
  9. Omg, you're going to Boca and not taking the LV?? :noggin:

    And since when do we care if our bestfriends like our bags. :confused1: Especially a GUY bff. And he's got alot of nerve, he collects SWORDS??? Thats like the male equivalent of a bag collection. :roflmfao:

    Girl you better take your speedy! Or you new, huge expensive Coach. hehe
  10. I own a Jimmy Choo patent Ramona (in bordeaux) and I agree that it would be a great choice for such a trip.

    But I always worry about potential damage to my handbags when going through airport security, or when stored under the seat/overhead bin on the airplane. I like the idea of stashing my handbag inside an inexpensive nylon tote (even a folding Longchamps bag) to prevent any problems during travel. Plus, you could use such a nylon bag if you encounter any bad weather during your trip. Just a thought.

    Over in the Hermes subforum, there are several tPFers who use Longchamps bags for this purpose... See this thread

  11. Have your dustbag with you, and when you get to security, put your bag inside the dustbag, and place it in the tub for the Xray machine. Problem solved!!! :p

    Of course, you can never take your eyes off of it. Watch the little monitor, and get it soon as it comes out.

    You can fit two bags (inside their dusters) into a NM or Saks shopping bag. And put them under the seat in front of you. NEVER put your bags in an overhead storage bin. :wtf: If you have to, put one under the seat one one in-between your legs. :yes:
  12. As I suggested, I think a Longchamps bag is a more fashionable (and more useful) alternative to carrying a dustbag around in public. But it's your trip. Good luck.
  13. ^^No, I meant having the dustbag inside of my purse (with the rest of my crap) when Im at the airport and use it SPECIFICALLY for process of the Xray thingy, and then taking it out after that little process is done. It would be seen for all of 5 minutes, during a 4-week trip. I wasnt trying to take anything away from your idea. You seem to take my response rather personally. :roflmfao: