Going out of town...first time since MEMORIAL DAY OMG!

  1. Yikes!

    I'm going on a short road trip to Portland, OR for my youngest nephew's baptism this weekend. Getting down there early to my brother's house on Saturday so we can watch the Seahawks kick Green Bay ass, LMAO!!

    Anyway, as I was mentally packing for this trip, I wondered when was the last time I got out of town? Egad, it was MEMORIAL DAY 2007! My now ex BF and I drove to Portland to see my nephew when he was just 5 days old. Ex BF and I got in a huge fight about that trip (which was his idea BTW) b/c he thought the hotel I booked for us was too expensive. Of course he was too busy working to book the hotel so I did...and when we broke up in early June I got stuck with the whole hotel bill but whatever.

    What a difference a few months makes!! Nephew now 7 months old, old BF out of the picture, new guy in the picture (but still very new so he is not coming with me) and I lost my old job last June and started a new one in September! No WONDER I didn't venture out much the last few months...I was pretty darn pummeled emotionally.

    SO I am ready for the open road, Ipod and gettin' out of Dodge for awhile. And b/c my car needs repair I'm going to splurge and RENT a car for the weekend...maybe a Mercedes, hehehehe!! :tup:

    Which bag am I taking? My LV Saleya PM. Casual dress, Jimmy Choos, great jewelry and the Saleya are just perfect for baptism, family/friends gathering afterwards and just chilling. After that I will change into my sweats and Crocs! :p
  2. aww I am pumped you will be so close to me! hehehehe. Have fun at your nephew's baptism!!!!!! GO Seahawks!
  3. ^^ Yay, thanks candace! I'm SUPER bummed I'm missing the Northwest H ladies gathering this weekend....I sure hope to make it next time as it was amazing last summer!!

    Oh, Corvallis is a huge sentimental spot with my family BTW...My Dad was born in Corvallis and my grandmother (only grandparent still living) and her two sisters are ALL OSU alums!! My Grandmother is class of '38!! go Beavs!
  4. That is so cool!!!!!!! :smile: My DH grew up in Corvallis and when he was stationed in Germany he solidified his view that he wanted to live here and raise a family here...so it looks like we are here to stay!

    It's too bad you couldn't come to Portland next week...I'm sad I'm missing this weekend too. But! We will make it happen again!!!!
  5. Hope you have fun!! You deserve a relaxing trip it sounds like! Please be safe and have a great time! ;)
  6. I'm jealous. It sounds like a lot of fun. I'm glad things in your life are getting better.