Going Out in Boston

  1. Looking for cool "chill":supacool: places in Boston to hang out this weekend . Hubby and I are laid back, so don't like smokey bars or really loud music(please tell me they have banned smoking in restaurants/bars there too!) Like trance... thinking ala ShoreClub terrace in Miami vs. Prive.... you know, the scene before the scene (or the only seen for people like us that are in bed by 11):drinkup:

    I would call us DINKS (double income, no kids) that like to be fashionable, but don't take ourselves as seriously as we did when we were early 20's, in other words... want to be in a pleasant atmosphere, but don't need to be 'seen'.:party:

    Suggestions? We are staying in Back Bay...and we also need a good pub to watch football:drinks:.
  2. Hey!! I'm from Boston and grew up here :smile:

    They banned smoking from bars and clubs a few years ago -- hallelujah!!

    There are TONS of places in Boston to check out... I could go on forever. But, I think this site will really help you:

    Boston City Guide - Recommendations and Reviews by Citysearch

    If you have any questions or anything, lemme know! If you stroll up and down Newbury Street, you will find a good mix of sports clubs and also lounges. If you head down Boylston Street towards the Gloucester/Hereford cross streets, Vox Populi is a great lounge-y type place. And, right next door, there's Whiskeys and The Pour House... both great pubs to watch sports!!

    Have fun while you're here :smile: I :heart: Boston!
  3. Have fun... Boston is the best!