Going on Safari?

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  1. I walked into Waikiki Louis Vuitton the other day and noticed the new uniforms they were sporting:
    Khaki Short Sleeve Button Down Jackets w/ cargo-ish pockets w/ a tie at the waist
    Black ankle crop pants
    Ballet flats (that looked uncomfortable, I saw an SA with bandaids sticking out)

    Have u seen these? I felt like I was in Safari mode. And I was looking for an SA with the Safari hat!
    Are they wearing these at your local LV?
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  3. Nope. That outfit is cute. The one they were wearing is like A safari tour guide
  4. I wish I got the Revelation Keepall, but it was way too expensive.
  5. wow, have not seen it yet but from what you described, sounds rather cute altho i am not a safari fan.
  6. Really? I was just in my boutique on Saturday, and they weren't wearing anything different... Sounds cute though. =D
  7. Mine are still in black but it's beena few weeks since I was there. I can't see any of my store's uberchic SAs in anything like that though...
  8. I was in my store in Pittsburgh on Sunday and all the SA were still wearing black.
  9. Same - all black.
  10. Umm... I need to take a picture cause all the SAs r in khaki at mine
  11. All black this morning.
  12. LOL!! No, I haven't seen that uniform in my area...
  13. Sounds cute!