Going on Safari, and I don't like those outdoorsy clothes! Help?

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  1. Last time in Africa (what a great time that was!), I did wear the usual nylon-y beige cargo pants, the brown fleece jacket, the heavy hiking boots, etc.
    This time I'd like to be a bit more true to my taste. I'd like to manage a functional, yet casual-chic look, which seems difficult. I thought about incorporating fall colors like mustard and petrol shirts instead of bottle green and grey-beige, or of getting nicer, yet practical footwear. I'm looking for outfit ideas that are a bit more fashion-forward, yet practical. The colors 'allowed' are light colors and earth tones. The weather should be warm during daytime and cold at night. TIA! :biggrin:
  2. When I went on Safari, we all wore our normal clothes. Maybe you can wear a cute lace shorts with a navy top on it with leather sandals? And for the evenings you could wear a maxi skirt or cropped chino pants with a cashmere sweater on top?
  3. Thank you both! :smile:

    We are advised to wear long pants. I REALLY like the pants you posted! I'll have to see whether they're available here!
  4. I was in Africa for 3 weeks in July. And wore the cargo pants etc. you describe. See why these clothes are pretty standard issue.

    One day I wore a sandals that had a 3 inch heel. I was tired of sneakers & it was hot that day. Of course that was the day we got stuck in a river bed & sand came over my feet half was up to me knees.

    Got a lot of grief for wearing these shoes & I see why.

    One never knows where the land cruiser will get stuck. Some rangers literally drive over small trees, down deep into deep gorges. If there is something to be found, they don't care where they have to drive. Want to make sure you wear something you can move easily in. We got stuck twice, once about 100 yards from us was a herd of elephants.

    Maybe I went on different safaris than most? Whatever they were, I'd go back next week if I could.

    Just getting into the vehicles can be a feat, especially in the back rows. Can't imagine wearing anything but pants to climb in & out of these vehicles.

    While those pants posted are attractive, I'd be pulling at the crotch getting bounced around in a jeep.
  5. wow...safari sounds fun... im not the outdoorsy type as well.. my kids begged for years to try our first camping and finally gave in...
    so, its not really safari for me yet... but i swear my JImmy choo jelly sandals are my saving glory for the past 2 months.. they are waterproof and can withstand water and sand ... i wore them with tunics , loose comfy shorts and loose linen pants as well...
    If you need boots for mud and trekking on rock/ sand , then maybe try some waterproof boots like hunters? i don't own one but plan to get one once we start camping in the winter... i currently have my one and only chanel rubber boots... which if worse comes to worse will be with me come winter camping if i don't get those hunters...
    good luck and enjoy!
  6. I'd wear jeans and functional but nice tops with sensible footwear...but then I'm a jeansaholic!!