Going on holiday....

  1. I just wanted to say goodbye to all you lovely ladies, as I'm going to be away until the end of next week...I'm going off with my DH to the north of Italy (Venice area) and maybe drop into Austria aswell, obviously checking out all the Hermès stores that will come my way! I doubt whether I'll be able to check in here, but maybe the hotels will have computer access for clients, in which case I'll definately pop in to see what's going on....

    Special message to Shopmom: don't do anything I woudn't do! ( j.k.)LOL!:lol:

    Take care all you guys, I'll miss you, and I hope things stay nice and calm after the last few days! :heart: :flowers:
  2. I am jealous. Have a great time and a safe trip.
  3. Duna, have a safe trip & wonderful vacation!

    I will miss you! :crybaby:
  4. Have a wonderful holiday Duna! We'll miss you!!! :flowers:
  5. [​IMG] enjoy your holiday and shop a lot make us proud !
  6. Have a fun, safe, and wonderful trip! Please fill us in on what you find out~~ *sending good Hermes vibes your way*
  7. Holy Cats, D! I'll miss you, girl! But have a wonderful time in the Veneto and stay cool.......will you be anywhere near Trieste by any chance? We're heading out that way in early October for the first time....

    By the time you get back I'm sure Shopmom will have a little something or other to show you........:graucho: But I promise I won't do anything you wouldn't do......:supacool:

    Enjoy and take LOTS of Hermes notes....maybe you'll run across your dream Birkin??????
  8. Have fun and enjoy!!!
  9. Duna, that sounds lovely! Have a wonderful time!
  10. Duna, I wish you a fantastic vacation!
  11. Enjoy and safe travelling:smile:
  12. Sounds like you're going to have :beach: :drinkup: :drinks: :party: :happydance: good time!!! Have a great vacation!!:girlsigh:
  13. Truly enjoy Duna...I am sure it will be beautiful.

    We will miss you and you will have fun catching up on everything when you get back!
  14. Have a wonderful holiday and hope you get lots of Hermès goodies!
  15. have a wonderful holiday