Going on holiday and creepy stalker mode

  1. I'm leaving on holiday tomorrow morning (taking a plane to England, majorly flipped out) so don't worry if I don't respond to translation requests or other questions ;)

    On another note, tonight, I was so nervous I couldn't eat. In walks in a lady with a gorgeous Plume (black box, I think) and I couldn't help but stare. I think I made her uncomfortable... If it was one of you, I'm sorry, I'm not an axe murderer, just had to keep my mind off the raw fish ;)

    Be good while I'm away! (That means, don't buy up all the bags, leave some for meeeeeeeee!!!!)
  2. Have a lovely holiday, Perja! Don't do anything I wouldn't do! ;)
  3. Thanks OT!! I hope things have gotten better with your son! And don't worry. I'm not even going to look at Hermes London. Ok... maybe a tiny peek :nuts:
  4. have fun Perja.. dont forget to get us some nice goodies!
  5. That's all you'll need, Perja! LOL

    Thanks for remembering my son! In fact, we're going to his doc today to have the cast removed! Afterward, I'm taking him to lunch for being so good about the whole thing. :flowers:
  6. Have fun perja...:yes:
  7. Have a safe & wonderful trip, Perja! :flowers:
  8. Perja, have a good holiday!
  9. Lucy, great to hear that his cast is being removed! There will be one happy set of mom and son tomorrow!
  10. Have a wonderful trip Perja! And Lucy, glad to hear your son is better! :flowers:
  11. Have a great trip! Hopefully you can find something H to share with us!
  12. I wish you a great trip!!!

    Londoner carrying Hermès bags should watch out for you, stalker lol!
  13. Have a great time, Perja!
  14. Have a good time!
  15. :ninja: I'm the mad Hermes ninja!