Going on Beach Vacation- Which handbag?

  1. Ok, ladies while this wouldn't seem complicated it is!

    I am going to Jersey shore this Friday and need to decide which handbag/s I am going to take! I was thinking of taking these:

    My Maxx New York slate blue microfiber hobo - simple, easy to carry, don't care if it go ruined.

    My Tammi Lyn turqouise (Balenciaga look alike) bag - nicer than above and fun/beachy.

    & then my Fendi animal print smaller hobo for going out to dinner.

    - Not taking any LV, Marc Jacobs, Gryson, etc. Too nice for beach

    Do these sound good?

  2. Sounds good to me lol. You're more prepared than I usually am..I only bring one bag haha.
    Hope you have fun! :beach:
  3. That is a good line up. You have ever occacion covered!
  4. Sounds like you have everything planned out! Have fun on your vacation!! = )
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