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Going on base was totally worth it!!


Aug 19, 2012
So last night my husband and I had to go near his base to a military store to pick up some things he needed. We then decided to go to dinner, which was heading away from his Army base. When we got in the car after dinner, something just told me I needed to go on base since I know they sell Coach there. Last time I was there they had a few pieces in the Robin color that I love! I have wanted to get my hands on something in that color for awhile now! So I asked my husband if we could go and he said yes. We walk into the PX and straight ahead I see a whole table of Coach items that are all an additional 50% off of the lowest marked price!! I saw they had three pieces in the Robin. I instantly knew which one I wanted!! So here she is!! I'm beyond thrilled with her and am so shocked I only paid $70 and no tax!! :smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1380380924.910372.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1380380944.332363.jpg