Going on a trip, which stop would have best pricing?


Aug 20, 2009
Minneapolis, MN
Hey all-

So for my birthday in mid December, me any my SO will be going on a long vacation hitting a few countries, and returning home Xmas eve. He has had his eyes on a gold/black Clic Clac, and a Cartier Love bracelet, and I've decided to get him one/both during the trip to give on Xmas when we get home. I've never bought anything internationally before, i know the prices vary and you can get stuff at some of the nicer airport's duty free areas as well as VAT refunds from some countries after you leave. But i dont know how significant those savings actually are so hoping someone can advise me at which stage of our trip it would be cheaper to pick them up.

On our trip we will be in Amsterdam, Paris, Bangkok, and Phuket, can anyone advise at which of these countries (or their respective airports) is most likely to be the cheapest?

I can only speak for Amsterdam because i visited Paris by car... but i guess in EU there is no price difference. Amsterdam doesn't have a Cartier online store but i always check www.cartier.de
chose 'schmuck' (let on top) then choose LOVE then you will see 'armbander' and after that you will see some models with the price. I guess its all the same in Amsterdam