Going on a trip need large and small bag combo..

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  1. Going to Martha's Vineyard with a group of 8 girls. I want to impress: I was thinking about ....
    Azur, Mono, Ebene
    1. Totally for the large handbag
    2. Eva as the small
    Which large small combo would you select?:graucho:
  2. Mono totally and Damier Eva!
  3. Mono for both bags....have fun!
  4. Mono for both... if you're looking to impress, it's more easily recognizable!
  5. Azur Totally and Ebene Eva, have fun!
  6. Mono Totally and Damier Eva.

  7. ^^ the perfect combo! Have fun!
  8. Mono totally and Ebene Eva !
  9. Mono Totally and Azur Eva! :tup:
  10. mono totally, azur eva!
  11. Mono Totally and Damier Eva
  12. My vote is for Mono Totally and Damier Eva :coolio:
  13. I like mono for both too. Have fun!
  14. Azur totally and ebene Eva.
  15. Galleria GM in Azur and Montaigne clutch in either black or cassis epi