Going on a Trip and I am going to just bring it!

  1. okay normally when I travel I leave my birkins at home and bring something else and I always wish I had my birkins.

    Very soon I will be visiting a friend in San Francisco. We will do one day of shopping in the city and one day in wine country.

    I was going to bring my clemance 35cm red birkin...but then I have to coordinate clothing a little more...and my 30cm brighton blue clemance would be a good smaller bag but again I would have to manage my clothing a little more.

    so I am going to bring my togo 35cm raisin birkin.

    any advice on travelling? I am going to bring the dustbag for the plane and put it in my Longchamp bag on the ground.

    but where do I put her on the plane, etc.

  2. SF/Napa might be wet this time of year. Be sure to check the forecast before you go out with your bag! Hope you have fun!
  3. yeah that is what I was a little worried about. the rain factor...which isnt good for anybags. Hermes or not.
  4. Don't be afraid to bring it. I put it in my dust bag while traveling or making my way through the airport.
    On the plane put her in the dust bag and in between your feet!!
    Enjoy your trip.
  5. TEE HEE....
    Hi guccigal!!!
    I am SO GLAD to hear/see that some others are as ??????
    now, let's see, what adjectives should I use/not use......
    to describe these traits??? :smile:)))......as I AM!!!!

    We have to plan for EVERYTHING, and try to make sure all will be AOK.....
    I love to wear my nice things while away, but don't want to damage them in any way, either...so.....what's a girl to do?

    I guess it's all a computation of the "RISK REWARD" ratio!

    Have a ball in SF, and are you going to check out that
    woman's atelier, who used to work for/repair H bags?
    There was a thread about her??????

    Best travels,
  6. PS And if you like Barneys NY, they just opened in SF!
  7. oh the 35 raisin is just perfect this season! everyone is coveting a raisin bag!

    you can place the bag under the seat in front of you inside the pliage of course!
  8. I'm in SF and it's been very rainy lately. Just a warning.
  9. And I vote for raisin...
  10. Yay! You'll be in my neck of the woods!

    The raisin is the absolute top choice, IMO. Bring your rain kit just in case but you never know with SF...could be 75 and sunny!

    Bring your dustbag and the L bag and just watch out for crazy airline security machines and store your bag as a part of your carry-on in front of your seat. I never use the top compartments as things tend to move around and can cause deep scratches (sad, sad experience talking here).

    Have an amazing time!!!!
  11. I say put it in the dust bag in Longchamp under the seat in front of you. Have a good time in SF. :smile:
  12. I travel with my LV Keepall 55 and put my H bags in there. I put my id and money in my pant pockets so there isn't a need to get in there while I'm in the terminal.

    Most important feature to me is a zipper and shoulder strap! I really don't like exposing my H bags at the airport. (Funny how I'm more comfortable with my LV luggage!) And since it's coated canvas, it will also handle any weather with ease.

    Have a great trip!
  13. I am going to have to have a cocktail on the plane. geez.

    haha. thanks for the advice. hopefully I can keep it in between my feet!
  14. Please do. My DH is a frequent flier and his briefcase got munched on by a machine not too long ago. And he was so sad since he babies it so (due to contents as well as it being a lovely gift from his DW :love:).
  15. oh great. maybe munched machines are too much for me!