Going on a Road Trip to the South, Need Recommendations

  1. I am going on a roadtrip to the Southern United States! I have all my AAA tour books, but I was hoping for some personal recommendations! Specifically, we are looking for good places to eat and any touristy things to do (not doing any shopping though)!

    We are going through:

    Louisville, KY
    Nashville, TN
    Memphis, TN
    Jackson, MI
    Baton Rouge, LA
    New Orleans, LA

    And then maybe driving along the gulf for a bit and up through Alabama!

    We're not really into doing museums or anything...and we're bringing our dog...so we plan on doing lots of just casual walking/strolling around!

    Oh and we are just generally driving and may stay in some cities longer than others....we have no time schedule or anything!
  2. I would skip baton rouge and spend more time in new orleans!! There is so much to do there, not to mention SO many good restaraunts! I lived there up until about a year ago and I would deftinitely suggest you check it out!
  3. Thanks ahs! Do you have any suggestions for restaurants? DH definetly wants to eat gumbo :smile:
  4. i've lived in the south for my entire life, and i'll tell you that if you're not going to Savannah, you're missing the best place in the entire region.

    BUT, if you're going to Memphis, I recommend visiting Beale Street. (i think that's how it's spelled anyway). my roommate is from there and she couldn't wait until she was 21 so she could visit at night.
  5. Thanks Amanda! We definetly want to go to Georgia one day...but we'll save that for the road trip that covers the Virginias and Carolinas!!! I would love to see all the plantation mansions and stuff!!!!!

    I should mention...we did decide that we are going to drive back up through Alabama on I65 through Birmingham and Mobile!
  6. New Orleans restaurants? Hmmm...

    Casual: Cafe du Monde for beignets, Gumbo Shop for creole, Acme Oyster House or Felix's for seafood, Central Grocery for a muffaletta, and Jacquimo's for savory alligator/crawfish cheesecake.
    Dressy: NOLA, Commander's Palace for Jazz Brunch, Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse for the best turtle soup, Bacco for Lobster Ravioli, and Galatoire's for a REALLY nice meal.

    You should get a hurricane at Pat O'Brien's and a Sno-ball at Plum Street Snoballs.

    Your dog would love Audubon Park and City Park. Please let me know if you need any other recommendations!
  7. For Nashville, definitely go to Pancake Pantry for breakfast/brunch. Also, the Loveless Cafe outside of Nashville is famous for its biscuits. Check out the honky tonks downtown on Broadway for dancing and music. Centennial Park has a full-scale replica of the Parthenon (and a dog park) and you can stop at Hog Heaven by the park for some of the city's best BBQ (it is a dive, don't be scared!). Also, the nearby Vanderbilt campus is beautiful. The Opryland Hotel has a neat indoor town with lots of beautiful plants and water features. I am not sure if you are into classical music, but Nashville has a beautiful new symphony hall and the sound quality is amazing. The building is gorgeous as well, and worth walking around (it is also near the Country Music Hall of Fame). I hope this helps! Nashville is a great city and you will enjoy it.
  8. eckertle & katheryn...thank you soooooooooo much!!!! That information was just what we were looking for :smile:
  9. Well, if you are coming to Mobile I suggest walking around Bienville Square downtown. I love it there. We have a free trolley that drives around downtown http://www.thewavetransit.com/RidingTheWave/moda.htm.

    As far as food goes you have a lot of options. Of course, seafood is great here as we are right on the gulf. I love Felix's Fish Camp (not as tacky as it sounds) and Wintzell's Oyster House. Felix's has a great view of the bay and downtown. If you decide to go there ask for a table with a view. Wintzell's has several locations.



    If you want really good junk food try the Dew Drop Inn http://splendidtable.publicradio.org/whereweeat/stern_dewdrop.shtml. It has been around since my mom was a girl. It is always crowded and it can be difficult to find parking but the food is great. There is another restaurant near the Dew Drop called Naman's Midtown Market. You can get salads, hot foods, sandwiches, etc. Across the street is Old Dutch Ice Cream, my grandmother used to take me there when I was little girl, really yummy ice cream.

    If you have some time, you might want to drive across the bay to Fairhope. It is like a quaint artists community with really great antiques stores and galleries.
  10. eckertle gave you some good ones! Galatoire's is by far my favorite resteraunt there - their filet is TO DIE FOR! Oh and this is random but if you want a coffee stop by PJ's...its my favorite coffee shop!
  11. Thak you so much everyone!!!!! I really appreciate all the tips and advice!!!

    Anyone heard of Willy's BBQ in Memphis?

    I'm slowly starting to put together an eating itinerary LOL

    Oh...and I think we're going to skip Baton Rouge since DH can get the crawfish and all that stuff in New Orleans!
  12. ahhh I keep posting because I keep thinking of more places for you to go!
    You should definitely check out magazine street - its basically all these wonderful boutiques - everything from clothes to antiques to baby apparel (some favorites are ah-ha, jean therapy, hemline) I know you said no shopping but i just wanted to throw those in there :smile:....oh some more resteraunts: brennans, dick&jennys, slim goodies or bluebird cafe (for breakfast).

    For "touristy things" to do I would suggest taking a stroll through the French Quarter! Or just driving around - there is always something to do!

    okay im done I just wanted to add those!!
  13. Nashville

    General Jackson - http://www.generaljackson.com/site/

    300 foot paddlewheel riverboat with four decks. It’s best known for its fabulous live shows that are performed in the beautiful two-story Victorian Theater located in the center of the boat. You can also order tickets that include dinner as well.

    Nashville Predators - if you're interested NHL. The tickets are cheap and so much fun

    Hit Broadway (if you're interested in bar hopping)

    Big Bang
    The Stage
    Wildhorse Saloon
    Paradise Park

    Country Music Hall of Fame - http://www.countrymusichalloffame.com/site/

    Hermitage Hotel -
    [SIZE=-1] five star hotel located in downtown Nashville

    PM me if you have any questions come up before the trip. I'm more than welcome to help
  14. Corky's is great--ate there last summer during my Memphis trip!

    Went to the Jack Daniel's distillery too--that was informative--it is about 40 minutes outside of Memphis, though.