Going on a mini-vacation. =)

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  1. I'll be leaving to Colorado on a camping adventure tomorrow and won't be back till Tuesday. It's going to be a 12 hour drive from here (Texas to Colorado)..so I'll be sure to bring cds, and tabloid magazines to keep me entertained. I need a break from this heat!! I'm tired of 100 plus degree weather! I'm excited..this will be my FIRST time camping!!! :p

    Pray that I don't get eaten by a bear....
  2. enjoy your trip wish i could say i was tired of the heat we had a lousy summer in ireland rained all the time no sunshine at all have fun on your holiday
  3. Thanks! I'd love to visit Ireland..I'm sure it's so lush and green!! Here in Texas the grass is yellow..hehe.
  4. Have fun !