Going on a EURO TRIP, need some help!

  1. Hi all!

    I'm leaving next week for a 3-week vacation in Europe. I need help on what clothes I should pack. Any tips??


    PS. Here's a map of the places I'm visiting.
  2. ahhh cool you are going to have a great time. In the UK we have had the hottest July and August since records began, averaging 30 - 31 so hot!!. But it has cooled down in the last week (24ish today),. For here you will need just little short sleeved tops and dresses for day, and just take a cardie for evenings, France and Germany has also been experiencing similar warm temperatures, so I do not think you are going to need to pack lots of warm clothes!

    Only tip I have is to bring a lightweight raincoat, it is europe afterall :P

    Hope you have a great, and safe trip. :smile:
  3. I live in the Netherlands and it's about 22-24 degrees over here right now. Some sunshine, some rain.
    I would suggest jeans, t-shirts/tanktops, longsleeve tops or vest, a good (trench) coat, umbrella, a nice pair of sneakers.
    Please keep in mind that in France and Italy it is still warm, so you need clothing for really warm weather and for a bit colder weather.

    Enjoy your trip!
  4. Wow, that's a great little trip you have planned!! I would suggest a little bit of everything because i think you're going to run into some cool and hot weather. Enjoy your trip!
  5. chloe-babe, Nikki76, Danica - thanks a lot! You guys helped so much already. I'm so excited! Thanks again!

    Do you have any suggestions on what souveniers I could buy? well aside from bags he he ;)
  6. Here's a sample packing list from Rick Steves' site:

    Rick Steves' Europe: Packing List for Women

    And a more general list:

    Rick Steves' Europe: Rick's Packing List

    I think both of these are meant for the traveller who likes to pack light (goodness knows I could never do that!:P ) but you can use them as a guide and customize it for your own trip.

    As for souveniers, I always like to bring back something that is unique to each place I've visited (i.e. bells from Switzerland, a rosary from the Vatican, a small model of the Eiffel Tower, etc.). Postcards are also nice souveniers (and they don't take much rooom in your baggage either).
    Have a fun trip, telylie! :flowers:
  7. Paul Green loafers and sandals! The BEST! Check out Zappos.com
    - teeny umbrella
    - linen skirts and capri pants with simple tops
    - black matte jersey separates for easy packing
  8. cate22, i can never pack that light! 5 pairs of underwear for my 3-week vacation?? i dont think so he he... But great site! I got several tips there, I'm actually printing it now. Lol! :lol: I was also thinking of the same souveniers. Thanks for the advice! It was really helpful.:yes:

    Greentea Yes how could I forget to pack loafers??Thanks for reminding me:smile: You think it would be a good idea to bring a pair of flat leather boots?? Or would I just be wasting luggage space?
  9. I have no advice to give about France or Italy, but in my area of Germany (Bavaria) it's been quite chilly and rainy for the past few weeks, but it looks like it's starting to let up a bit and get warmer (it was 29 yesterday afternoon) and sunnier. Don't know how the weather's going to be in the future, so I would definitely suggest bringing a few long sleeve tops or some light jackets! It gets somewhat chilly here in the evenings, so you'll need them if you go strolling around at night or eat outside :smile:

    Enjoy yourself! Yo'ull have a great time :smile: Heidelberg is BEAUTIFUL!!!
  10. I live in Switzerland and it's been very rainy and quite cold in the past few weeks (after the heat wave in July).
    - Sweater for the evenings, and also during the day if this cold weather continues.
    - Umbrella as it rains a lot here
    - Avoid stilleto shoes as they're lots of cobllestoned streets if you plan to walk the whole day

    Luzern is beautiful, especially on a sunny day as you can see the majestic Swiss Alps from the lake. I actually got married there.
  11. Are you only visiting Amsterdam? Do you go on a tour, or can you decide for yourselves where to go? Let me know, perhaps I can give you some more tips then.

    Shopping in Amsterdam:
    Kalverstraat (main shopping street with all the regular brands)
    PC Hoofdtstraat (where all the luxury brands have stores LV, Hèrmes etc.)
    Also round the canals there are plenty of little shops, where you can buy al sorts of things.
    Beijenkorf on de Dam (department store) and Magna Plaza.

    Typical street food: kroket, frikandel, patat (french fries) with different sorts of sauces.
    Personally I love poffertjes (look like little pancakes with icing sugar o them, but than different) and I would suggest to buy (Goudse) stroopwafels (flat cookies with a sort of sirup in it) They are really jummie!!
  12. :flowers: are u going to Luzern switzerland? :yahoo: i am heading there in two weeks and since i've been there before i know i am gonna pack a rain coat and black boats since weather (as i looked up) is so rainy! and judging from the temps its also cold! as La Vanguardia said :smile:
    ps not related to packing: enjOy the nature in Luzern.. and walk around the lake its increadibly beautiful.. i remember sitting down there for hours doing nothing but staring at the mountains! ofcourse not to mention going up the mountains!!! aaaaaa cant wait!!:yahoo:
    have a fun safe trip dear!! :jammin:
  13. Boots can be heavy to pack - I'd pass unless it were a winter trip. Seriously, the Paul Green loafers are kind of a Euro Style that you cauld wear with jeans, capris, chinos...then get a nice pair of cute walking sandals for skirts. I'd also take a pair of simple ballet flats for evening.
  14. lamiastella, I've seen pictures of Bavaria and it's a gorgeous place! So lucky of you to live in a fairy-tale like place (castles!) Thanks for the tip. I wouldn't be needing any thick coats, more luggage space! :rolleyes:

    La Vanguardia, wow! you got married in Luzern?:smile: I'm sure you had a beautiful wedding! Thanks for the advice! Actually, I'm really not planning to bring any stilettos since I would be mainly walking the whole trip (tour), so it's good to know that I wouldn't be needing them in Switzerland...

    Nikki76, thanks! I'm so excited to try all the food you just mentioned, sounds good!:nuts: I'm going to be with a tour group the whole time except my last days in London. And I would be visiting a lot of places actually and will be staying in Amsterdam for just 2 days.

    vanilla_addict Oh wow! I wish I could just do that! What kind of boots are you planning to bring? Flat leather ones? Thanks for the advice! Your so sweet, enjoy your trip also! :smile:

    Greentea, I agree, boots might be to heavy...But maybe flat ankle boots might do? Or maybe not? I've already prepared my flat sandals and got myself new ballet flats, I'm thinking maybe another pair? he he my poor luggage - will bloat like a whale.

    No to sneakers, right?? Just good ballet flats, sandals, and maybe a pair of flat leather boots?:idea:

    Thanks everyone!
  15. How long's a piece of string? :lol:

    What you need for London and Amsterdam, will not be what you need for Southern Italy, unfortunately!

    As chloe-babe says, at the moment, it's cool for the time of year in SE England and we've been having rain (thunderstorms) every day (August is statistically the wettest month, here). I like to dress fairly casually and I'm currently wearing long sleeved T-shirts, or longish tops, jeans, or leggings and my LFA ugg boots (not dresses and sandals [I'm not keen on the feeling of sliding around on soggy sandals! :yucky: ] ) and carrying an umbrella!

    But in Italy, you will definitely need lighter clothing and sandals (ballerinas might even feel too warm!).

    If I were you, I'd wear my warmer clothes and a pair of comfortable, flat boots for the journey (to save space and weight in my suitcase) - you can always change into ballerinas, or sandals, as soon as you get there, if appropriate.

    I'm sure you'll have a great time! :biggrin: