Going on a cruise! What bag to bring

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  1. Okay I don't want to bring anything too heavy. I am going to need something to hold our passport and documents, and I am not going to use anything but a wristlet on the ship.

    I have:

    Medium Carly (khaki/chambrey)

    Large Soho Flap (black)

    Large Soho Hobo (pear)

    Carly Demi leather (black)

    OR Do I get a new swingpack???:graucho: If so which one?
  2. I would take either the soho flap or the hobo depending on where/when you are going (color wise) and if not get a swingpack.. that new heritage one is really cute!!! :graucho:
  3. hey tiki... i would say get a swingpack, seems like they would be useful and convenient for you to put those items in... since i saw that you liked pink, i think this one would be appropriate and stylish [​IMG]
    this is just IMO though... i think its adorable!

  4. sis took (actually bought!) med carly on a cruise and said it was perfect
  5. Swingpack! That's a great idea for a cruise.
  6. Personally I would go with a swingpack, especially the new heritage line like Coachgirl12 suggested. It is easy to carry, comfortable with any outfit, and they are actually pretty darn hard to damage. I use my swingpack for almost everything, in fact I carried one around all of New York City and it was PERFECT! I just wish I had one when I went on my cruise last year!
  7. I second the new Heritage swingpack! Its really cute and you could wipe the dirt off if need be...:tup:
  8. I always take my swing pack when I cruise. It holds my key card and iPod while I'm on the ship, and it PERFECTLY holds my skinny (which has my ship key card, credit card and cash), my passport and camera while on shore. Plus keeps you hands free the entire time - and very secure since you wear it cross-body!!! Here's the one I have my eye on right now...it's so adorable with the little scarf attached (the stock pic doesn't show the scarf but it's the same as the wristlet)!! The Heritage would be nice also and very easy to clean if it got dirty (that jungle mud is HARD to get out!!)

    Have fun - when and where are you going?!?!
  9. thanks ladies...... I really like the swingpack idea. I like the heritage stripe and the zebra. They are both on my wishlist. Which one should I do? Can anyone call my DH and explain to him that I need this?? LOL.... I think he will need some convincing!
  10. just tell him its essential...if it doesn't go...you don't go lol
  11. I would do the Heritage because of the coated material and you can just wipe it clean if needed. :tup:
  12. I would also do the heritage because of the material.. sounds perfect! :tup:
  13. I would say the heritage swingpack as well.
  14. Heritage swingpack is really cute!!!
  15. CONGRATS!!! Where are you going???

    I took a cruise last June, and I only took a shoulder bag and a swingpack. This was a GOOD thing because I had room in the suitcases to bring back two new Coach bags, a watch, and two wristlets that I bought while on the islands.:smile: The island boutiques usually have sale items that the mainland stores do not, and of course you don't pay tax...so I was in heaven!!!

    I found that the swingpack served me the best for most of the activities, and I wasn't agonizing so much over salt water, dirt, etc getting on it. It's also light and comfy to carry for hiking trips or whatever you choose to do on and off the ship (you have your hands free more than you would with a wristlet)...and less likely to get snatched than a basic wristlet or bag. You have to be careful on some of the islands because thefts are quite common. I don't recommend flashing anything expensive!

    HAVE FUN!!!