Going on a Coach Vacation... To Destin, FL!

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  1. I am leaving Friday night and I will be back Saturday. We are going to Destin, FL where there is a Coach outlet to visit so I am going to make sure to make that one of MY activities :smile:

    We are leaving FL on Thursday and we are going to stop by New Orleans on our way back home for 2 nights so I can get in some good photography. New Orleans is a great place to get some great shots!

    If there are any Coachies that want to shop with me at the Destin, FL outlets just say so! I am going to have my macbook with me because I am actually shooting a wedding right before I leave so I need to work on the photos on vacation.. I probably wont get much done though.. anyway.. I think I will have some internet connection at the Condo :smile: If not I have my phone if I can't stand it away from here:shame:
  2. Enjoy your trip Taralindsey. I love Destin. I was there 4 years ago. Enjoy shopping!
  3. Have a wonderful time on your trip. I'll be looking forward to seeing any new goodies you may buy at the outlet when you get back! :smile:
  4. have a kickass time tara! :heart:
  5. Have a great trip! I love Destin!
  6. Ohh have a great trip! I can't wait to see pics as destin fl has been on my list to visit but we always seems to stick to orlando!
  7. Love Destin. I was at the outlet in June and picked up a British Tan leather Bleeker Duffle for $159. Have a great trip.
  8. Have a wonderful vacation! :yahoo:
  9. Have fun!!
  10. Ohhhh love me some Destin......I'm jealous!
  11. Have fun! I love Destin!
  12. Have a great trip!
  13. Have fun Tara!!
  14. have a great time!
  15. Have a great time! Are you taking your big Zebra print bag???