Going On a 13 hour Flight This Friday

  1. Hey does any one have any tips about feeling nervous on a plane.. I kinda get a little scared when it first takes off.. The last time i was on a plane it was only 2 hours and it went fine... But I am going all the way to Jordan.. 13 hour flight:wtf:.. I am the kind of person who cant stay sitting for a long time lol.. i get bored so quick.. And being so high up.. kinda gets scary... Any advice to calm my nerves..
  2. Liquor or sleeping pills and a good book or ipod.
  3. Liquor... LMAO am to young to drink
  4. an Ipod with noise cancelling headphones and an eyemask -- looks silly but trust me, you'll sleep much better. buy extra water once you're past final security -- really helps with dehydration.
  5. sorry but whats noise cancelling headphones.. lol
  6. Music, movies, magazines, books, psp anything to get your mind off the flight...I used to love flying, now I'm a nervous wreck every time. Too bad almost everytime I travel it's 8 hour flights.
  7. last week in the airport I met a lady that had a portable dvd player and was watching as she was waiting for her flight!
    I am sure they will show a movie during the flight... when I went to Jordan with Royal Jordanian they were showing a movie non-stop and you could choose. quite nice actually but my flight was anyway just 5 hrs.

    have a good time - I heard temperatures are murderous at the moment.
  8. Wow thanks for the info... I heard the royal Jordanian flights changed.. does each person have there own screen... that would be soo cool. and if they do , can you choose your own movie.. And thats so cool that i met someone on here who went to jordan... Are you Jordanian? and i know its going to be real hot there...
  9. Sony makes GREAT headphones. Basically they are headphones that allow you to sleep, etc. in a noisy place. It blocks all sound so everything is completely quiet. This is a great way to drown out the noisy propellers on planes. And there's always an annoying child on the plane crying or screaming... :push:
  10. Movies and Mags, or sleep is the best way!
  11. yuck, i had to take a 13 hour flight from chicago to tokyo.

    anywho, the others have given great suggestions. if you're the type of traveler that has trouble sleeping, then i'd suggest watching movies. because its an international flight, it is very likely that you'll have your own video screen for movies.
  12. ^ nope, married to one. yes everyone had their own screen and you could choose what you wanted to watch - there were about a couple that were watchable I reckon. have a good flight and fun in Jordan.

    where are you going to? amman? aqaba?
  13. If you have the chance, get a nintendo DS and/or a PSP! They are the best timekillers *ever*. The PSP has a pretty bad battery though - it will only last for four or five hours without charging, but in return, you can also listen to music and watch movies. The DS lite is just awesome for travelling if you have a good game :love:
    Otherwise, you could try not sleeping for 24 hours before the flight which should mean that you'll fall asleep on the plane and sleep for most of the trip.

    Have a nice flight and a great stay :yahoo:
  14. Do you have a laptop? If so, bring that!!

    The Lufthansa flight that I used to fly from the US to Germany had wireless internet and power plugs for laptop users. We had to pay for it, but I'd gladly pay a few $$ for internet for an 8-9 hour flight!

  15. REALLY?? that great!

    I second the liquor!! IF not sleeping pills eye mask and an ipod...if thats not good enough some good anti anxiety meds such as kolonopins(SP?) are good