Going off-roading: CLs in unusual places

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  1. Very exciting photos! Did you get wet feet?
  2. Yes my trusty black patent So Kates! Even though I find the suede more comfortable they’ve been my most worn pair throughout the years
  3. Only a little :P
  4. I love the photos. Looks like you’re walking on wet cement.
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  6. it's an art to walk in stilettos on that kind of terrain. it isn't for all women.
  7. I just can't resist jumping in this water maze with autumn colours, so here are some more!
    40 - DSC03373.jpg 40 - DSC03346.jpg 40 - DSC03348.jpg
  8. Amazing pictures, mainly the ones you are completely above the ground with both feet. I never said, but you have an amazing taste for high heels shoes.
    You seem to like challenge your limits, always trying to walk on hard or dangerous places in high heels. I love your pictures and your atitude.
  9. Thanks for the kind words! I try to stay safe but push myself at the same time.
  10. Not really off-roading this time but I had the rainbow at my feet and couldn't resist posting :heart:
    41 - DSC07319 Four Seasons Biltmore Santa Barbara #sokate #rainbow.jpg
    41 - DSC07320 Four Seasons Biltmore Santa Barbara #sokate #rainbow.JPG
  11. You have beautiful high heels, then you could post your pics more times.
    Those pics are fabulous with rainbow reflex on them.