Going off-roading: CLs in unusual places

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  1. So that's how you keep the soles from being scratched up!
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  2. Haha that’s one way!

    I like your signature @PatsyCline by the way. Ever drifted while wearing CLs :smile:?
  3. Driving my Focus RS in heels is verboten. DH is a lawyer, and told me he doesn't need me getting a lawsuit because I had an accident while driving in heels.

    It's a pain to take my heels on and off, but wearing slip-on flats does give me better feel of the pedals.

    I love driving after it rains. The RS has a drift mode, it's so much fun sliding the car around the corners, then giving it gas and steering to correct the slide.

    I've heard they're great in the snow, but I hate the cold too much to ever want to live somewhere where it snows.
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  4. Lovely blue colour on your car! Your DH is nice and sensible though, bet he keeps you out of trouble. :P

    I can understand your love for drifting though, I did a snow driving lesson once and that was so much fun.
  5. Ford calls it Nitrous Blue. It’s a quad coat paint, sparkles in the sunlight. Was an extra $1,000 over the red colour.

    Yes, DH is the calm stable force in my life.
  6. Unexpected gravel path during a winery visit, my So Kates managed it well though!

    36 - DSC07491-C.jpg
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  7. So gorgeous mlella! I hope you were careful walking on that gravel...
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  8. Visiting an old church with uneven steps in So Kates felt like hiking!

    37 - DSC00334.JPG
  9. The steps look like they would be slippery as well.
  10. When you need to change a lightbulb…
    38 - DSC04067.jpg
  11. Thanks stilly!
  12. You’re giving me the chills with some of your photos.
  13. SoWet! Storm and sun on the same day makes for fun photo ops.
    39 - DSC03541.jpg
    39 - DSC03544.jpg
    39 - DSC03553.jpg
    39 - DSC03554.jpg
  14. I have been missing your pictures! Thank you!! :smile:
    Are those So Kate you were wearing?