Going off-roading: CLs in unusual places

  1. Thanks stilly!
    I'll have to get more creative this summer lol.
  2. I tested my nerves, and balance

    C6B02E20-64F7-46D9-AA72-07AE2A7CE164.jpeg 793021EE-5BB5-4F83-B100-E24D06F17C20.jpeg
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  3. OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!:shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked:
    It looks very dangerous! I hope someone was holding your arms while you were standing on the edge!

    Thanks for the pics! I am going to show them to my hubby. :biggrin:
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  4. It looks far more dangerous than it is. I didn’t show the large tree conveniently overhanging the bridge!
  5. Wow amazing Nadia, I love them! The photos remind me of Olympic divers about to do a few back flips into the pool below lol. In CLs of course.

    You are so brave you have your heels overhanging there, even with a big tree. Would love to see your nice blue outfit too but I realize you’re taking these photos yourself and in such a precarious situation, safety first!
  6. Well, maybe foolhardiness! Thank you, I thought of the high board too.

    I took some more pictures that didn’t look so good but are more dramatic
    5391031C-9F41-40E7-9919-6F53A66B44AE.jpeg 03462F9F-1842-423F-990B-2B3F67A74599.jpeg A27CEEE1-16C9-4AB4-8388-A95E04056EE6.jpeg
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  7. Thanks for showing us the pictures! Totally loved them.
    But, please be very careful! :smile::heart:
  8. I love that dress, and these are totally cute pics too. And thanks for carrying on the thread as I haven’t been so inspired lately, but I’m sure something will come up!
  9. Oh yes that was in Reykjavik last year. Such a lovely country.
  10. Yes, I was really careful. the most dangerous thiing was risking snagging tights on that rough concrete as I clambered up and down.
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  11. Thanks Mlella, It was my pleasure. But I need some more of your inspiring pictures......
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  12. Can't seem to keep my Loubies on the ground!

    35 - DSC01827.jpg 35 - DSC05134.JPG 35 - DSC05143.JPG