Going off-roading: CLs in unusual places

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  1. Sometimes I find myself wearing my lovely CLs in interesting places. Sometimes they're simply out of place, and other times they can be precarious such as snow and gravel, but I enjoy the challenge of it! LKBennettlover used the term 'off-Roading' in a conversation once so I'm appropriating it here :smile:

    If you also found yourself wearing your gorgeous heels in a more unusual context, please do share! Here's a couple of Snow Kates from a recent trip.

    13 - DSC01485 Snow Kates.JPG 13 - DSC01610 Snow Kates.JPG
  2. Omg I love it! Your legs are fantastic
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  3. Love the CL Off-Roading mlella!
    You look gorgeous and quite brave venturing out in your Snow Kates!
  4. Love this idea,

    I've worn loubies when I was a waiter several times

    Also my sneakers to the gym once when I forgot my training shoes I thought it's either that or no workout, I just did weights though
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  5. Thanks kkfiregirl!

    Thanks stilly for inventing the term Snow Kates. You're awesome!
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  6. How high were the CLs while you were working that shift? Those feet must be hurting by the end!

    Edit: Just saw that you're a guy, sorry! Nevertheless it would be impressive either way if they were heels
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  7. You must share your secrets.
  8. Hahah no I mostly wore denim rollerboys during that job. Yes it did hurt, but I was young and dumb and wanted to show much shoes off too haha.
  9. I went a bit "off road" at a barbeque the other week, and again at a visit to a hotel recently, anyone else been off the beaten track now the weather is better for outdoor stuff?
    Louise x
  10. Barbecue in So Kates? That's fantastic Louise, hope you didn't get any grease on the beautiful finish.

    At sunset I sat down on a pier and still had my So Kates on. Luckily it was high enough so my heels didn't go for a dip!

    16 - DSC01023.jpg
    16 - DSC01013.JPG
  11. No grease actually on the shoes thank goodness, but some issues with heels sinking in the grass. Lovely pictures, brave to have your sexy shoes that close to the water!!
    L x
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  12. Love these pics mlella! Are those So Kates in Gray Suede? They're so gorgeous on you!
  13. Thanks stilly! Those are my dark blue suede So Kates, but the light from the sunset made them look a bit different. I didn't even know grey suede So Kates existed, might have to keep a look out for them now.
  14. wow the effect on the colour of the bright light is dramatic!
    looks gorgy though
  15. Did you worry about you sexy CLs sliding off and sinking to the bottom of the lake hun? XX