Going nude...but which one?

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  1. I am on the hunt for a pair of nude CLs. I currently have a pair of wine red patent Mary Janes and a black patent Iowas are on the way to me. :yahoo:
    I would like to get one more pair and decided on nude (of course!!!LOL)
    Should I get
    - nude patent pigalles - I can get these now!!!
    - nude patent yoyos - which will have to waitlist.

    I am a stay at home Mum and am usually dressed casually. I love the pigalles as they are in the 70mm but the pointed toe may be a bit too formal. I tried yoyos but in the white and love the look.

    :confused1: Which one should I get? Give me your advice. Thank you all.

    If only someone had told me CLs are just as addictive as Chanels and Bbags......;)
  2. I think the YOYO is the MOST UNCOMFORTABLE shoe known to man. If you like it, then I think its a better choice. It is very beautiful! Saks in NYC has them if you want to call them. At least they did last week.
  3. i agree!! i have the yoyos 85mm in the burgundy red patent and even though they are only 85mm, they KILL my feet...but they are so very beautiful...the nudes would be gorgeous!
  4. I think they are pretty uncomfortable too, but oh so fabulous!
  5. I think the nude 70mm Pigalle would be nice as well as the nude 70mm Simple Pump.
  6. LOL, I have both. What can I say? I love the look of the Yoyos, yes, I am a sucker for peep toes. BUT, the downside is like what everyone says, it's uncomfortable as the toe area is tighter than the Prives. I say go with the 70mm pigalles, after all, the heels are short and they look more casual than dressy.
  7. I would get the nude yoyo personally or the simple
  8. bagmad73- My choice for you would be the nude Pigalles.

    The Pigalles offer the pointed toe, which you don't have, and a look that will add variety to your collection--different from your rounder toe mary janes and peep-toe Iowas. Pigalles are also versatile in that they are naturally dressy but easily dressed down w/ denim + fun top. :yes:

    The Yoyos are a heavenly look, and it sounds like you like those better than the Pigalles... ;) If you can stand to wait, the Yoyos would be a great get. However, I predict that you might get the Pigalles while waiting for your Yoyos... :angel:
  9. My feet look weird in Pigalles for some reason. I love my yoyos. I don't find them uncomfortable. I think the differing shape of people's feet make some shoes fit better on some than on others.
  10. First of all, I want to know where you tried the yoyos in white......and are they Patent, Kid or Satin? TIA.

    I love the look of the YoYos. However, as what most already have said, they are uncomfortable. I haven't used mine and from what I was told, they stretch out and becomes comfortable.
  11. Thanks for all your views. Hmmm.....I wish I could get both LOL.....
    I'm still veering towards the pigalles because I can get them NOW. Patience is not my virtue :angel:.
    Keep your views coming...and thanks again!!!!

    wantmore - the yoyos were white patent.
  12. :drool: From where? PM me please.
  13. Hi Bagmad, is On Pedder bringing the nude yoyos??
    you tried the white yoyos there? I bought a pair of white yoyos and nude pigalles 2 weeks ago!!
  14. ^^Phooey! I already emailed On Pedder and they don't ship to US.
  15. wantmore: we live in the wrong country for the white patent yoyos! :crybaby: