Going insane.

  1. I am going insane waiting for my guy to finally ask me to marry him.

    We've talked about it. He wants to, but... where's the ring? He says he wants to wait until he gets me a ring, but I'm like falling apart wondering if he's really just stringing me along.

    Seriously, I'm so :sweatdrop:

    I keep pointing out rings to him whenever I can but I feel like maybe I'm pushing him away by doing it.

    blah. I don't know what to do.

    ( I don't know how a person can live with another person, say they want to get married, and then just... nothing... )

    Where is the little crying/sniffling smilie?
  2. How long have you been dating?
  3. Three years.
  4. Tell him it is time to fish or cut bait, but you have to be ready to mean it. I know we all want our man to come up with the day and propose without having to be pushed, but some of them need a bit of pushing. I dated my DH for 4 years and finally told him I was going to bail if we did not get engaged. Not very romantic, but pragmatic, yes. He proposed shortly thereafter. I am sure some other members will weigh in with their views too!
  5. blah. I mean, maybe I should pick a time to up and leave him if he can't give me what I want? I just don't want to leave him...

    this is so hard.

    I know what I want in life and I shouldn't let a guy hold me back, but I love him. I just wish he would commit.
  6. yeah
  7. How about just talking to him about it? tell him how much you love him etc & that you want to spend the rest of your life with him and just say what you're feeling inside. say : I want to get married & I'm tired of waiting!

    just be honest. that's exactly what I'd do. if he loves you he'll realize what he should do :smile: if he gets mad then he's not worth your time cause there's no reason to get upset over your girlfriend asking you to marry her.

    Be strong. don't keep worrying about leaving him too much. focus on positive first and IF it doesn't go your way and you do leave in the end, well you are better off without him then. trust me you would find another good man to love you. but hopefully you won't be going anywhere :flowers:

    Best wishes to you *hugs*
  8. I did this. More than once.

    I even told him I would be picking a time to leave if he didn't commit. I'm still waiting. I guess I can pick a date now? I just can't though.

    It's just so hard now that I'm faced with having to do it.
  9. I totally agree with what Cat said :yes:
  10. I know :'( I've been there a few times.
    it's a very hard thing to go through but you have to take care of YOU. you should just set it and tell him :/
    don't listen to your heart now, I know you're scared cause you love him. it's only natural.
    I know it's hard but you can do it. and no matter what would happen it will all be OK :smile: trust me.
  11. Guys are strange. When we discussed marriage, I told him that we had to get engaged by the time I went home one Christmas to visit my parents in another state so I could show them the engagement ring. That worked for me. Of course, he waited until the last possible second but we made it. And I even told him that he had to call my dad to ask for permission -- which I was surprised that he agreed to, but he did it.

    If he doesn't respond then you really have to begin to think that he doesn't want to get married, or the harder thing to take, which is that he doesn't want to marry you. I've been in both situations before and neither is fun. Good luck!
  12. I think you should ask him straight out whether or not he REALLY wants to marry you. If he says yes. Then maybe for him it's not the right time ask him if he as a time when he'd like to get married. Maybe he has goals he hasn't met that he wants to meet before he marries. Good luck I wish you the best!!
  13. Good point :yes:
  14. :yes: I agree. You should find out what he wants and not focus on what you want during the conversation. He can easily say yes to whatever you ask or plan or suggest, but he needs to come out an say what he wants and when. He needs to open up and be upfront.

    You deserve to know of his plans, if any. You love him and you are committed to him, so you deserve to know his true intentions. If he is offended or frustrated, then you know he doesn't mean well and you deserve to know why and take it from there. It's hard...I know and I wish you the best.
  15. I was getting very frustrated with my FH before we got engaged. I never pushed him but I always told him I wanted to get married someday, if he was the guy, that's great, but if he didn't want that for his life, then I needed to know so I could pursue a relationship that would meet my goals. We started talking about getting emgaged, then he didn't bring it up for a while, and i thought all hope was lost, and then he surprised me by proposing on vacation! So don't give up, but don't push either. Let him know what you want from your life.