Going in for Facial and Massage its my first time

  1. as a regular regiman for my face, I usually wash my face use toner, and then apply lotion. Should I do that on the day of my facial? just wondering thanks

    Im getting what they call a "Classic European Facial"
  2. I usually don't do anything to my face except apply sunscreen on the morning of my facial. I just figured that they spend a couple of hours massaging different products onto your face anyway, so it's probably unnecessary for you to wash your face and apply all these products beforehand.
  3. i usually shower before my facial so that there's no makeup on me and that my skin is clean. I've gotten facials at Barneys & Saks where the atmosphere is not a spa and they just took off my makeup w/ cleanser anyways.
  4. Can I come?

    It doesn't matter if you leave on makeup or anything on your face because they will remove it anyway. Have a good time.
  5. hey there - i had heard elizabeth arden her self once saying that a girl should only get facial once at the age of 19 .. but putting all that in the bin i went for my first facial last week - it was the vitamin c facial since my skin is a lil' oily..
    i had such a GOOD time especially the massage bit - she massaged my shoulders arms even feet and legs... ahhhh it was lovely i saw go for it .. but tell them u have sensitive skin even if u dont ;) theyll be extra careful i hope u enjoy it! :biggrin:
  6. I would go in with clean skin with only a light moisturizer.