Going Hermes Green

  1. Just wanted to share some pics of two bags I recently purchased both in different greens. I went a bit crazy this July.

    Here are pictures of two new additions to my Hermes collection:
    -30cm Vert Anis Ostrich Birkin
    -35cm Vert Olive Victoria in Clemence
    DSCN0634.JPG DSCN0629.JPG
  2. OOOO-ur Birkin is a beauty!Use ur new bags well!
  3. I'm in love! Congrats!!
  4. is that a luggage tag on the victoria? Gore colors
  5. WOW! Double WOW!
  6. ^^^^ Yes, Victoria comes with luggage tag.

    Thanks all!
  7. stunning!!!
  8. Serazo, please share with us how you've been using your Victoria FT. Do you put alot inside the bag?
  9. serazo - i love all your new bags! victoria FT, rocks isn't it?
  10. omg that victoria esp is tdf. LOVE the greens. i find greens to be great neutrals. congrats!
  11. Wooo Hoooo S, lovely additions to the family...how could you stay quiet about them for so long? ) :smile:ok two weeks
  12. CONGRATULATIONS !!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:,

    what a gorgeous bags you have W O W :drool: Enjoy !!!
  13. Wow... great choices! Congrats.

    Thanks for posting a picture of the 30 Birkin next to the Victoria FT. It sure give us a sense of the size difference. Both bags are HOT!
  14. The Victoria FT is very versatile and I do get a lot in her. I use her more casually and I love that I can sling her over my shoulder (which is mostly how I wear her) or carry by the handles. The slouchiness of the clemence also makes her look good whether she is filled or emptier. I love how much I can get into her and find it east to fish around for things as they tend to distribute themselves widely on the bottom, unlike less rectangular bags where things layer on top of each other making it harder to find.

    The zippered opening is so much easier than the Kelly and Birkin to get to things quickly. All in all, the Victoria is one of the most practical bags. Also, must say that she is light as a feather and easy to pack in a suitcase if need be.
  15. beautiful. congrats.