Going grey--do you experts have a suggestion for a nice dark grey bag for fall?

  1. I saw a bag at Saks months ago, but I am a bbag neophyte and don't know the name. It had the giant silver hardware and was a dark grey and I loved it. But, I don't know what to ask for when I start my search. I want a grey bag for the season! Thanks
  2. I am sure it was the Steel. :yes:
  3. Me too. Such a gorgeous color! I love its silvery sheen. I'd go with that!
  4. FYI, Plomb is the other name for Steel.:smile:
  5. What about Anthracite?

  6. ^^^ oooo I love your sandals? Where did you get them? I love them!
  7. Love your bag and that sandal is cutie, where did you get it :nuts:
  8. ^ They're Enzo Angolini from Nine West...

  9. Ooooh I LOOOVVEE:heart: your pic! The colors, the bag, the sandals :drool::drool::drool:
  10. ^^^ wow KDC!!! gorgeous! anyway... Yea I vote for Steel/Plomb too! I cant wait til I'm in the positive balance again and get it in the SGH PT! good luck on your search! btw, steel/plomb is definitely easier to find coz its a newer color! good luck!
  11. I'm thinking Steel/Plomb as well! I have a city and it is the best color and leather out of all the Bbags I've ever owned!
  12. [​IMG]
    Oh, this is beautiful!!! I LOOOOOOVE it!!!! Perfect shade!!!
  13. my black ggh work is more like midnight/charcoal
    IMG_0475.jpg IMG_0488.jpg
  14. If you're into the SGH, I vote for the steel city. If you are into RG (regular hardware), I vote for the new steel step!!