Going... going... gone!

  1. I'm over the "rash decisions" stage and have made an "informed decision"...

    I'm actually going to keep the Twiggy my ex got me, but sell my City!

    I need a holiday, and as we all know, the cost of a City could or almost could get me there... (depending on the sort of holiday I want)

    This year is my time to live it up!

    Next year I will be back to work and back to buying Balenciaga...

    I'm happy with what I have decided to do :yes:
  2. Wow...what a tough decision to make to sell a Bbag to fund a holiday!! Sometimes it's easy to forget that one bag can equal the cost of a really good vacation. But I'm sure in your case it's really well deserved!

    Where do you plan on going and doing? Don't forget to send us a postcard! :p
  3. It was a hard decision, but I have less of an attachment to my City than my Twiggy! I hardly used her, and dont feel like I will be for ages... so its best to let her go!

    I want to go overseas, I know that for sure... not entirely sure WHERE yet... but I know I need to get away and have some sun and some fun!
  4. The Rouge would be easier to replace on down the line than your gorgeous navy twiggy. It sounds like you've thought this decision out.....so if you need a break and time to have fun, get out and do it now before you have to be hitting the books and dealing with class schedules. Have fun!!!!
  5. Good decison.... I think you deserve a lovely break! Just dont come to the uk the weather is awful!!! lol Let us know where you decide to go!
  6. :roflmfao: My sister is in the UK now... she got there about a week ago. She's staying for 1-2 years as a live-in nanny...

    It would be nice to see her, but I think I'd prefer to go somewhere where tropical!

    Right now I can see myself on the beach, sipping my cocktails and not having a care in the world....

    Ahhhhh :beach:
  7. Hmmm...somewhere in the South Pacific, like the Cook Islands or Tahiti, maybe? Or, where every other Aussie I know seems to go -- BALI!

    My brother-in-law, a boy from Brisbane, says stay away from Vanuatu. :nuts:

    Well, I'm glad you've decided to go away on holiday. I'm sure that you'll be able to get a buyer for your lovely Rouge City... Good luck!
  8. fashion-cult congrats on making a very mature decision! I 'm sure you'll have a fabulous holiday! Let us know where you'll decide to go for your vacations!
  9. that sounds like a great plan! a vacation sounds soooo good right now...
  10. Go to Hawaii. You'll love it.
  11. DITTO! You can get great holiday packages. Great shopping too:graucho:.
  12. please let us know where you're going - and were you're going to sell that city! i know a lot of people who have their eye out for anything in RT!! including myself, of course...:graucho:
  13. Dont be evil now yaya... I know that AR is located in in good ol' Hawaii! :roflmfao:
  14. ^^ yay, sounds like a great plan!!! :yahoo:
  15. I am going to Hawaii specifically to visit AR in November...haven't told the BF though!
    Although I am not impressed that AR didn't get any French Blues or Aquamarines this season - obviously they have something against bright colours!