Going from $$$$ to $

  1. Has anyone ever been obsessed with really expensive handbags, & then found yourself having an addiction to very inexpensive bags? Say from Hermes to Coach????????? Does it happen?:shrugs:
  2. Not for me..I would say from Coach to Hermes instead :p
  3. hmmmm.... good question.... lol and my answer is YES, I do think this happens. Eg. my aunt....She used to be really into fashion, but ever since she turned 40, she just stopped caring about these things for the past 10 years or so. No more makeup, pretty clothes, and a general disinterest toward material objects.... However, I think the reason for this is more personal... so I'm gonna shut up now lol.
  4. ^If that's the case, I wanna be 35 forever...
  5. hmmmm not yet..I think my taste is getting more expensive.
  6. not me, i went from $20 bags to LV!!!
  7. Normally it does not happen. But if it does then I guess it must be financial reason or some kind of spiritual born again suddenly occurs :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  8. ^ Agreed with Nita! And I think it's because of the influence from TPF :nuts:
  9. i have a 2 dollar bag, and its one of my favorites!
    i bought it after an lv purchase
  10. i think i have phases where i don't want to buy any expensive bags and would rather buy cute ones from gap, etc.
  11. I haven´t heard that happening.
  12. I think it happens when you have kids, and you would rather spend your money on the little ones than yourself. Or at least that was my mom's case. She still splurges on the random LV, Chanel, or Hermes, but most of her money goes to our tuition and lifestyles.
  13. No, but i still have a love for coach. But i think i'll have to start loving less xpensive things b/c i'm gonna be in college and be spendig 23K$ a year that i don't have.
  14. ITA:yes:
  15. also beauty, money, and material objects all become meaningless when a person is emotionally hurt or something fundamental in life is missing:crybaby: