Going for the gold!

  1. AHHHH
    guess what is back up online?
    the gold signature stripe tote!!!!!!!!!!:drool:
    I am going to dieeeee!
    and it's in the original (older style!)
    this must be fate-
    first i see the newer one at macys and now the one i really want is back online!!!!!1
    if it doesn't somehow work out that i can't get it, i will cry!:crybaby:

    is it insane to dream about a purse?
    the nice people in white coats can HAVE me after i get my gold!!!!

    please don't burst my bubble, but noone thinks it could just be a mistake right/
    maybe they only have a few?
    oh please oh please oh please???!!!:tender:
  2. i agree with you....love love love the gold!!!!
    i'll keep my fingers crossed that you will have this beautiful bag!!!!
    Merry CHRISTmas everyone
  3. Don't wait! Just order it in case there are only a few in stock. Yay... I wanted that one too, but I limiting myself to 3 bags next year.
  4. Order it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  5. yeah except that i have to wait until i get money next week!
    i'm gonna call JAX on wednesday, and see how many they've got.....
    If it's alot, than i could wait alittle longer, so i don't have to use up the whole paycheck! lol
  6. Ughhhh, thanks alot for telling me this.....I want it:yes:
    I just got the black/gunmetal tote, but I'm sure I can justify another tote!!
    Please post when you find out how many they have...thanks!
  7. Sure you can!! I have the Black/Black and the Khaki/Crimson!
  8. okay so this is sad.....
    I called today and the lady said it was all sold out!
    i guess it was just a mistake....:sad:
    she did say that they were still showing some the newer one- with legacy linind and the straps all the way down in kahaki / gold, but i have a macys around the corner, and they have them, so i just have to wait till i get some $$$!
  9. Man-o-Man!!! I almost ordered one today also. But I thought I would just order one for the day and maybe that one next week....but o well, I will have to meet another girly to take home and adopt!!!
  10. where oh where i dont see it