Going for the Gold!!!! .....maybe

  1. :shrugs:What are your thoughts about the khaki/gold 06 shoulder bag? After much debate...I've decided to buy a second 06 shoulder bag. I have the white leather and I absolutely love it. I compare all other bags to her and nothing comes close. I might as well stick with what I love and buy another one for the Winter. :yes: I want a signature for variety, I just can't decide between khaki/black or khaki/gold. Khaki/black will match with everything, looks great BUT I see it EVERYWHERE. The khaki/gold is young and fun and less seen. Is the khaki/gold too flashy, gawdy? Maybe thats why I don't see it very often!!... LOL......Does anyone have khaki/gold? Do you use it often? TIA!!
  2. My SA at Coach has the khaki/gold Ali and it is beautiful! The shoulder bag would look great too!

    I never liked this combo until I saw it in real life... go for it!:yes:
  3. Are you talking about this bag, but in the khaki/gold (bronze) color? (heheh - yep I have it in khaki/ebony)


    you said shoulder bag - or were you talkign about this one maybe? in khaki/gold? (this is khaki/brown...but it DOES come in khaki/bronze and it's so dang yummy)


    if so, either one...GET IT if you can! OMG,both are sooooo pretty in person! And if you truely love metallics, you will adore this bag!

    I think you don't see it too often, because I found them (the legacy ones at least) pretty hard to find!
  4. I just received the slim flap in khaki/gold-It is beautiful-I love it!!!!!:tup:
  5. I'm still considering the slim flap also. I can't decide!!!
  6. I'm still considering the slim flap also. I can't decide!!!
  7. I think it really depends upon your style and what you like. I don't care for the khaki/gold combo but that but that's mostly because I don't really carry metallics much. I think it looks pretty on other people, but it isn't for me...

    But, that doesn't mean it isn't for you.....if you love it, go for it!
  8. I think the color combo is beautiful! Let us know if you decide to get one. We'd love to see pics!
  9. i too think the color combo looks good but worry that the gold will start to rub?
  10. Its never been my thing either...but I think its different and not seen as often as the khaki/black which is everywhere. So....if I do the Slim flap...definitely chocolate sig but if I choose another 06 shoulder bag I'm thinking khaki/gold. I just can't make up my mind!!!!!!:sweatdrop:
  11. i love that combination...i was going to get during the june pce but ended up with the chelsea optic satchel in khaki because i had bought my mom the 06 shoulder in khaki/black already n i didnt want us to have the same bag...i say go for it! i dont think pictures do it justice...is it still available thru jax?
  12. If you really love the color combo and the design (the 06 shoulder legacy is awesome), I say go for it. The important thing is making sure that 1) you really love it and 2) it will get used often. It's great to have different styles in your collection. I have to admit to having mostly whiskey and chocolate brown bags; it's just because that's usually what I carry, so it works for me.

    As long as it won't languish in your closet, I think it's fine. I don't know how well the metallic wears, though-you might want to hear from other people who own them. Good luck!
  13. yeppers.....JAX has tons of khaki/gold in 06 shoulder bag, only 5 left in khaki/black and a lot in the black/black still.
  14. ok.....you girls who voted khaki/gold talked me into it!!! I'm going to get crazy and go for the GOLD!!! :woohoo: LOL..... I'll post pics when I get it. :smile:
  15. Congrats!! I can't wait to see pictures. I had a khaki/gold ali that I sold (stupid, stupid, stupid!!!) The gold gives a little bit of umph! to the khaki. I wish I could manage with the shoulder bag, I would love to get another bag in that color combo!