Going for khaki signature - which one? Classic or trendy?

  1. I'm starting to wear more browns these days and would love a khaki sig bag... and as usual, I can't decide. Should I go for a more classic style? Or the trendy like the multicolored stripe?

    All my bags now are very structured and mostly leather. I do have a few black/white sig and black/black sig bags...

    These are the ones I'm considering:





    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif]COACH SOHO SIGNATURE LARGE HOBO $298 [/FONT]

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif]COACH SOHO SIGNATURE SATCHEL $358 [/FONT]
    (this one is my favorite -- I have it in brown leather, too)

    THANKS!!! Y'all are the best and so helpful!
  2. I like the sig large hobo..
  3. If you want classic, go with the Soho Hobo.... I like it MUCH better than the Ergo - just doesn't sit well or hang great.
    I do LOVE the Multi Stripe tote, but only if you want a SEASONAL bag. The Soho is year-round!!
  4. I think I have to say I like the Ergo best. This is so bizarre because I keep saying that I am not crazy about the Ergo styles, and I'm really not, but I like how it looks in signature I guess. Actually, my first choice would probably be the hobo but I just feel like everyone in the world has that style bag lately (is it just me?) so I wouldn't get it for that reason. At least not in the khaki signature, I might consider it in pretty color like blue or pear, lol.

    Anyway, the satchel is ok imho but if you already have it in leather, I'd get a different style. I'm not a fan of the multi-stripe though I do really like some of the regular signature stripe pieces. So by process of elimination, I vote Ergo. But ultimately, you have to carry this bag so you need to buy the one you really love!
  5. I like the last one (the one you like), I think it is very classic.

    The multi stripe is very fun, but in my opinion, it is not classic
  6. Thanks for the replies! It's so nice to hear other ladies opinions!
  7. I love the Multi-stripe Multifunction tote, but it is HUGE! I was considering it for a carry-on. It has nice pockets around the inside, as well as the "changing pad" (removable) but would be good for a laptop. I also like the combination of the brown leather rather than the white patent (which I think makes the other bags a spring/summer style only).

    So of your choices, I like either the Ergo hobo, or the last one Soho Satchel.

    Don't forget to let us know what you pick!
  8. I like the ergo hobo. Best for you to try on the bags in person though. Good luck!
  9. I LOVE the multi-stripe but the Ergo is great too.
  10. i like the ergo hobo and large hobo (I also love it in pear)
  11. i say the ergo or the soho satchel.
  12. I have a large Soho Hobo in the khaki sig and I really like it. It sits well on my shoulder and I like how it slouches!
  13. ergo or sig large hobo!!! i like the ergo the best but try it on make sure it sits on your shoulder well cause some ppl found it didnt if it feels great that one for sure

    if not then the soho hobo!
  14. I'm between the Satchel and the Ergo. The Satchel because it's like a closed tote. The Ergo because you picked the large and it'll fit better under the arm than the medium.
  15. The Soho Hobo, but that is the one I am trying to decide on, so I may be a little biased. The second choice for me would be the satchel. Can't wait to see what you choose!