Going for a short trip! Will miss you guys!!!

  1. Hey gals and guys,

    I'm going away for a short trip for a little more than a week and I probably won't be able to check in on TPF. :crybaby:

    I"m going to miss you guys so much!!! and i'm going to be thinking what juicy threads i'm missing!!! :sweatdrop:

    Ok will see you all soon enough hopefully!! :heart:
    (that's assuming i don't go into serious TPF withdrawal and call 911 to put me back online and get charged and thrown in jail...)
  2. DONT GO ! :nuts:
  3. Have a great trip!! You'll be fine but there are always internet cafe's
  4. Have a wonderful trip!
  5. Have a fantastic trip - Hope it's a wonderful experience :yahoo:
  6. Take care of you while you're gone...get some rest and relaxation!!
  7. Have fun :smile:
  8. OOOOO... A trip!!:wlae:Have fun Bubbles!!!:woohoo:
  9. Enjoy!
  10. :p LOL I KNOW!! I considered but they wouldn't refund my ticket :wtf:

    i'm cranky now cos i didn't sleep... :upsidedown:

  11. Hey gals, thanks for the good wishes...

    I'm going to attempt to take lots of pics and post them when i get back ... HEHEHE

    I'm trying to survive right now having not slept for 24 hours ... Urgh .... i'm cranky!!!
  12. Oh Bubbs, have a wonderful trip and don't worry we'll be here when ya get back.
  13. ^ I HOPE SO!!! LOL

    Thanks pursegrrrrrl!!

    What will i do without you guys though? :shrugs:I'm so used to spending hours here chatting with all of you ... :biggrin:

    it'll be interesting to see how i survive the vacation ...
  14. ^^ I know, the first time I took a trip after joining tPF I went into severe withdrawal. It was 10 days in south Florida on a business trip. I am a contractor and was too nervous to log into tPF on my work laptop cuz ya never know.

    You can dooooooooooo it!

    We're with ya man!! Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing and adventurous vacation!
  15. Aw bubbles, we're gonna miss you! Research those internet cafes and know where they are by heart so you can sneak in a hour or two. Where are you going?