Going "Downtown" on my birthday!

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  1. So, I've been rhapsodizing about this bag for a long time now, weighing its pro's and cons, and trying to figure out how, and when, I would wear it. Even as I clicked the 'submit order' button, I still had reservations about the bag. Namely, that it was too much to pay for a bag so far out of season (+1600$ Yikes!), and, that it would be extremely high maintenance. Well, toss all I've said previously out the window, because the bag is here, and its absolutely divine. I ordered it from bluefly on Friday and paid for express shipping so that it would arrive on my birthday (which is today). And, I must say, it's the best present I've ever gifted to myself......EVER. I'm so excited. :yahoo:

    It's actually a great neutral, I expect to be able to wear it with the myriad colors I have in my wardrobe. But, no modeling pics yet, because right now I look like a hot stinky mess. Well, here they are, the pictures.....le siiiigh.....


    And an updated 'family' pic:
  2. :balloon: :Partyhat: :balloon: Happy Birthday, chinsumo! :balloon: :Partyhat: :balloon:

    Congratulations on the new Downtown, it's a great addition to your collection and I'm so happy for you that you loved it as much in person once it arrived! You really have a nice set of neutrals now with the warm tone of your Downtown and the cool tone of your Tribute. A new YSL is a great treat for your birthday and I hope you have something planned for tonight, too. A little celebration is in order! :drinkup:
  3. Thanks Shazam! That's very sweet of you. I love that a new bag can make you automatically feel magical. :P But really, it does. I love it to death. I can't wait to debut it somewhere....If I can only figure out where. I've actually haven't any plans tonight, seeing as all my friends have moved far far away. And my friend who is local is traveling up and down the west coast. I won't see her until she gets back, which is when I'll probably celebrate.

    Another birthday, with my bags. :drinkup:
  4. Oh I love it! Congrats and Happy Birthday! Hope your day is filled with joy and lots of love.
  5. :party:Happy Birthday, Chinsumo!:party::party:

    LOVE the bag.....I think it is an unexpected nuetral, definetly stunning!
  6. Happy Birthday, chinsumo! The Almond Nubuck is beautiful beyond words! I can't wait for the Action Pics!

    And remember, we're all virtually there to celebrate! :Partyhat:
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :heart:
    What a gorgeous Downtowner! The color is stunning and what an amazing B day gift to yourself. Congrats and enjoy both your new bag and your special day!:party:
  8. Aww, thank you so much PikeeyGirl, AuthenticPlease, C_24, and tatertot.:flowers: You guys are really really sweet, and celebrating with you gals is just as good as celebrating with my friends, who decided to desert me. LOL.

    Also, can anyone recommend or knows of a good nubuck/suede protector? I'd like to keep this baby as clean as possible. Thanks again!
  9. YAY YAY YAY! Happy Birthday chinsumo!

    I absolutely seriously(!) LOVE your new Downtown. I'm packing and heading out on travel for a while and I'm glad I got to see your birthday bag before I left. The color is so rich and buttery looking and the suede/nubuc must feel divine. I'm so happy for you. Great choice. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Awww, thanks Cosmo, you're such a doll. I hope you have a fantastic time on your trip, even though I know its business related. I'm sure you'll make the most of it, show them who's boss!

    (And yes, the nubuck is diviiiiiiiiiiine). :P
  11. ^Thanks, I'm headed to Denver and Minneapolis for the conventions. (But no political talk allowed here on tPF, lol.) I hope you have a nice cool cocktail in your hands and enjoy your evening!
  12. happy birthday & congratulations on ur 2nd DT!!!
  13. :Partyhat:HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Chinsumo!!! :dothewave:

    Your downtown is absolutely gorgeous!:love: Congrats!!!:drinks:

    *I am curious about the inside of your new DT, is it suede lining or satin? TIA!

  14. I love your new bag!! It has been on my wish list for a while. Happy belated Birthday Chinsumo!!
  15. Also curious about the lining