Going Dark?

  1. I have been getting the same honey colored highlights in my hair for years. While I like the color, I have been considering going darker-a sable brown. My hair is long,with long layers and is thick. It is naturally a medium brown (I think!) My eyes are brown and my skin is light olive toned.
    I have had the same hair style and color for a long time and think it is time to do something different. I do want to keep it long.
    My hair is such a noticeable part of me I am nervous about making this change. I dont want to look drab and boring. However in recent photos of myself, the blond looks like too much, even though it doesnt when I look in the mirror. Also my hair is getting very dry at the ends and I am worried the highlights are really damaging it.
    Any help or advice???
  2. Honestly, I'm not a fan of blonde highlights on olive-toned skin. I think a rich brown shade would look great! :tup:
  3. Go for it, at least to give your hair a break!!! I started coloring my hair darker just to give it a rest and it feels so fabulous compared to before. You should try it too! Also take a break from heat styling if you do that, and then later if you decide to highlight again at least your hair got a bit of a rest :tup:
  4. ITA!

    And it sounds like brown would be easier to maintain, for longer (seeing as your natural hair colour would probably disguise the regrowth)... With olive skin, you are unlikely to have problems with being washed out as well, so I say go for it too!
  5. I guess everyone thinks to go for it. I am worried about looking washed out. My skin is olive toned but fairly light and I was blond as a child. I went dark once before (about 10 years ago) and I didnt like it-but it was definitely too dark and one dimensional. I had it done at Frederic Fekkai and sort of thought (at the time)if they couldnt make it look good, it would never look good.
    What color brown should I ask for, or which celebritys brown hair should I refer too?
  6. It would be great to see your picture and judge from it if you should or not.
  7. I went brown a few months ago after being blond with highlights forever. I had my hair in a short Sharon Stone cut. I loved my brown. I thought it was great to finally do something different. Hubby then told me he thinks I look better with highlights and my dear little daughter said she hated my hair and I know she insulted it but can't remember what words she used to tell me how horrible it looked. I went 2 months ago to get it colored back to blond with highlights and my sister and SIL were kind enough to tell me that HATED my brown hair and I look great as a blond. My SIL always said I glowed as a blond. I have light skin and blue eyes so I do think the lighter shades of blond are not as harsh against my skin tone. My best friend has olive skin and looks better in a dark brown with a slight carmel tint. She has also had blond hair but it washes her out too much. I think a new color would be worth trying. Especially if you get a clear gloss over it to make it shine.
    Good luck.
  8. i think any change wont make you drab or boring. going dark can be more dramatic than light sometimes...i say go for it!
  9. Pictures would be helpful. I have always heard that the color you are born w/ is the color that will look best....?
  10. Dark hair shouldn't make you look washed out unless it's the wrong shade. When I went from honey blonde (the color I had as a child) to dark chocolate, my skin looked instantly tanner and healthier. It was was an unbelievable transformation.

    I think pale olive skin looks great with a rich milk chocolate color like this:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. I went for a consult with the colorist today-she showed me that exact picture of Jessica Alba as the color she suggested doing! Your comments made me feel better-I was blond as a child too.

    I cant get an appt for a couple of weeks so I have plenty of time to decide.
  12. I LOVE Penelope Cruz's hair colour in that pic. I think I'm stealing the idea LOL.
  13. ^ That would look great on you, Miss M! :yes:
  14. i had highlited my hair for many years. i had an appt with my hair stylist and asked her how much it would cost to go all dark she said 150 (it cost me about 200 for highlites) so i decided to cancel my appt and asked DF to help me go dark. we bought some dye at the beauty store and did it ourselves. it came out great. i now have dark hair :smile: and i love it.
  15. You sound like me, plus I have green eyes. I was blonde as a child too but everyone always thought I was tan but its my natural skin color. I have had every color in the rainbow for my hair. I went chocolate brown a couple of years ago and the reaction was amazing from people. it really brought out my eyes instead of being blonde. I really like the color of Jessica Alba's hair in the pic posted above. I think subtle highlights are nice. I would never go back to being full blonde again.