Going cuckoo here... Seeing LV's... maybe??

  1. There was another post about Hello Kitty knocking off LV, etc...
    But I am just literally going crazy seeing it alot more often lately since I've been obsessed with LV.

    I spotted this at a bookstore last night:
    BN Cavas Bag.jpg

    That oddly reminded me of a bag that I wanted:

    It's not an exact duplicate, but it look pretty darn close to resemble and remind me of an LV bag.

    Does this happen often? Or it is just me?
  2. Good Eye!;)

    Actually, I think all of the major designers rip each other off, and as soon as they get a whiff of what is hot, within minutes, every mid-level brand is copying like crazy.

    I bought an awesome (and pretty expensive) Isabella Fiore bag a few winters ago and a few months later saw it copied almost identically at Target. Of course, the materials and workmanship and all couldn't compare, but as for replicating the initial "look" it wasn't too bad. I wasn't quite sure whether to feel good or bad.
  3. I heard that Target got in trouble a while back because they were selling knockoffs!
  4. Yeah, it happens all the time. And not just to LV either. I still love it with all my heart:heart:, though ;).
  5. :s

    Well Tiffany's is also copied sometimes, if you go into some of the Claire's/Icing stores, you see necklaces that look almost exactly like the Tiffany's necklaces without the engraving and such... I still love it though!
  6. Definitely... I see other brands taking the same design. (i.e. Speedy)
    I guess it could be flattery. :smile: