Going crazy with these colors?! Washed Light Pink Question

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  1. #1 Aug 3, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2018
    Hello - shopping for a gift with the instructions of tan/beige/light colored chain wallet bag with silver hardware. Going nuts finding the right combo as alot of retailers have the tan but with gold and then some have other colors with silver. YSL def has more combos in the same bag with subtle differences than I've seen in from other brands.

    Can anyone here point me to or have some real life pictures of a couple of these colors. I found the Matelasse leather chain wallet in "pale wash pink" which seems perfect on my screen but I'm not sure how that will translate. What they call "beige" looks weird and "tan" looks very dark.

    She has black chain bags and basically wants something that will go with the tans and nudes.

    Edit: Which of these tans/nudes would most closely resemble the nude used for say a CL Pigalle pump

    Thanks in advance
  2. Washed pink is almost like a baby pink, so it's not really what a consider "beige" unless she considers pink nude..?'

    This is the only picture I have of the color powder (in a different style) which was a pretty light beige. But it's not a perfect match for Christian louboutin nude [emoji848] sorry, not very helpful haha. It might be easier to just call a saint Laurent boutique and ask which beige matches the shoes. Good luck!

  3. Thanks ^ yea poudre was my first choice but was trying to buy from Saks...thought I could get away with the washed light pink since the colors were very close at lease on my monitor!
  4. I have a YSL in rose antic and in poudre beige. Neither of them match my nude CLs. Here is a pic.

  5. Perfect thank you for that pic- exactly what I was looking for...I don't think any of them "match" but she was just looking for a neutral.
    Might end up with the WLP
    Thanks again