Going crazy waiting for my Chloes to arrive

  1. Ugh! I hate delayed gratification! Thanks to the very lovely ivysun I was able to purchase my dream bag (Edith hobo) from Saks today. It won't be shipping out until Monday. Then there's the Chloe wedges I ordered a while ago from NM that didn't ship until today.

    And my Gucci shoe debacle with NM still isn't over. I STILL haven't received my matching shoe but the Ladies Manager keeps assuring me it's "on the way" :confused1:. Then I have to get soles put on them... but the only place that I trust to do it is 2 hours away in a suburb of Detroit so I'll have to send them off again :cursing:!

    I feel like everyday this week is Christmas Eve, but Christmas never comes. Of course... I could always pay for overnight shipping but I'd rather save that money and put it towards more shoes/bags. I'm a big whiner. I suppose I should be ecstatic that I'm getting my dream bag and great shoes in the first place :yahoo:!
  2. Anyone else find it borderline unbearable waiting for their new Chloes? I know I can't be the only one :yahoo:!
  3. Yes me!

    I am waiting for my edith in mais to be shipped from LVR.

    I just want to hurry up and use it!