Going crazy trying to decide!!

  1. So I just got my first Coach bag - Carly in Khaki/Beet, Medium - and I absolutely love it, so now the obsession has begun and I NEED another bag!!!!!
    I have to go 2-3 hours in any direction from me to find a retailer or outlet, so I can't try the bags on :crybaby:

    Anyway, I am in love with the Legacy line! I love the Mandy, but am afraid it is too big for me. I like the shoulder bag and there are a ton of them on eBay right now, I assume because the legacy bags have gone to the outlets, so what I need are some opinions and even pics of how much the shoulder bags hold vs. the Mandy.

    I chose those 2 bags because I hate flaps and need to access my bag with as little trouble as possible.

    Other question: the legacy satchel just looks like it has a strap over the top of the bag, is that a pain to undo every time?

    Thanks ladies!!!!
  2. Well it is all up to you.. while I like the Mandy, for me it is HUGE and heavy. I have tried it on a million times (even yesterday again!) and it is just bigger than I want. The shoulder is quite a bit smaller.. but it does hold quite a bit. How much do you need to hold? And for the satchel, I have thought that too and it can be a pain, but I actually bought one yesterday because you can undo the zipper and just reach in from the sides without undoing that clasp and you can get in/out if you need to. :yes: Let us know what you need to carry, that will make a big difference! :tup:
  3. Here are pics of what I carry, usually along with whatever my 2 toddlers stick in there or need for the day.

    But thought I would mention: the purse I had before my Carly held a lot more so I carried a lot more, this is very scaled down, but adequate.

    If the Mandy is really that heavy, then I don't want it, as I am usually carrying around one of my kids too.

    inside carly.jpg purse contents.jpg
  4. You will not be able to fit all that in the Legacy shoulder bag. I have one and am going to return it. I also have 3 Mandys. They are big but will suit your needs, and I don't really think it is heavy because of the wide strap. Still, it does look big. In the shoulder bag you could fit a cell phone, wallet, small makeup case, lotion, pens, and a checkbook, and it will be a tight fit. One of my favorite bags in the world is the Hampton's satchel. I have 2 of the pebbled leather ones. I don't like the new signature ones bc they feel like cardboard. They are a nice size, very easy to access your things, and hold a lot.
  5. how about a tote? or an ergo hobo?
  6. The shoulder bag is pretty small compared to the Carly. And yes, the strap going across the top of the satchel will drive you bonkers if you like to just set your bag down and dig in. The new satchel (2007 version) doesn't have the strap across. The Mandy is awesome and quite large, although I don't own one... yet. You might try the ergo too. It's very comfortable and holds quite a bit of loot.
  7. Congrats on your new bag!!