Going crazy for vuitton

  1. What do you recomendme to do guys?
    I think im getting some kind of crazy for vuitton, in december im going to go to mexico city (i live in mexico) to the us embassy to renovate my american visa, so im obviously going to lv in mexico city (my nearest vuitton store) but im think im exagerating, im on a rigourost diet, saving for a great shopping, im thinking of a new hair style, and have just bought a lancome treatment to be as beautifull as possible. dont you think im exagerating??
    and what you recoment me to use that faboulouis day? sppedy 25, bastille or epi pouchette?
    I think that would be a great day, some kind of millionaire for a day
    i would go there on my fathers hummer, and with a great designer outfit!!!
    I would tell you guys that would be the greatest day in my whole life!!!
  2. if it's your first lv, i'd go with a mono speedy 25.
  3. I think the Speedy 25 would do great too!
  4. speedy 25 :yes:
  5. I think you should go for the basic. First get the speedy 25!
  6. :yes:
  7. Speedy!!!
  8. Speedy is a very good start!
  9. Have to agree with the others - get a speedy. I like the 25.