Going broki for Toki...

  1. OK, I'm not broke, but I've definitely gone crazy for Toki!:nuts:

    I saw my first one IRL on Saturday and loved it, went back to the store and bought it on Monday (an Adios Star Stellina). I started browsing this forum and fell in love with some of the other patterns. Have ordered 2 on eBay... a Foresta and a Citta Rosa. And just went to Macy's on my lunch break and got a Pirata and a 2nd Adios Star, a Zucca, because it had more of the pattern that I liked than the Stellina.

    OY!!! I suppose I could return some if it's too much.

    Have you guys bought another bag in the same pattern just because it had some different pieces of the pattern that you wanted? I guess that's the bad thing about ordering from a website... you never know what you'll get pattern-wise.
  2. so i see you've caught the Toki bug! :p
    I've personally never bought more than 1 piece of the same print. Actually, I did with the Playground piece but I ended up selling the other 2 pieces off so now I'm just left with one.
  3. I was only planning on getting one bag per print .. but the forum does crazy things to you. So now I have 2 foresta pieces, 2 paradiso and inferno pieces, 3 spiaggia, and 2 l'amore. :biggrin:
  4. I'm trying really hard to keep it at one bag per print. Of course I've made the rule that canguros don't count (they are a belt) so I can stay within that rule!
  5. I think you will find the answer to be a resounding YES. And somE of us (cough cough) even buy the same part of the pattern in different styles.

    The only prints I don't have duplicates of are Original, Playground, Bianco and Arancia. (I have nothing in Fumo, Camo Black or Camo Olive). All the other prints I have at least 2, and in Amore I have 5!!
  6. YES! :rolleyes:
  7. Yup!! I actually ended up with 5 things in Adios Star b/c it was so hard to get everyone on one bag! :shame:
  8. I too was planning on buying only one print per bag but I ended up with a Scuola Camo Playground Olive, Pirata Bambino, Spiaggia Mamma Mia, Paradiso Mamma Mia, and Inferno in a Mamma Mia, Ciao Ciao, Bambino and Ciao. So there goes my plan :p
  9. oops! I meant one bag per print...ha ha.....
  10. I started out as one bag per print...but then as I found it hard to be picky about what part of a print I wanted on what style...I said, "screw it" so now I'm buying what I love...and NOT buying anything in a print I don't love! So, I've ended up with 5 pieces in paradiso, 4 in inferno, 2 in original! oh well! I love them! But I will be selling a few paradiso pieces. I never intended to keep them all.
  11. I am also hoping to get each print I love on one piece, but I am already eyeing more than one of each print! DOH!
  12. I was planning in getting only a pirata ciao which I bought whilst vacationing in Honolulu. After getting back to CA, I did some research , found this forum and then the toki madness began.
  13. After I saw a foresta in a magazine, my CC has never been the same since. I was back collecting like mad for a while, and now I've decided that I like a different style than what I originally collected, so now I"m trying to find different bags...
  14. Oh yes, many times!
  15. At first I promised myself only to buy one big and one small bag in any print. That was gone w/Amore....now I am thinking like 4 bags (at least) in Transporto :smile: