going BOOTY shopping in Seattle!!

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  1. BOOT shopping, that is :graucho:. I'm from Vancouver, and will be going to seattle shopping in a couple of weeks to take advantage of the current currency exchange rate! :yahoo: we canadians finally get a break!!!!!!!!!! :woohoo:

    Anyways, my 2 of my 3 major purchases would be knee high boots! one flat, one heeled! preferably slouchy (i have thick calves), and leather! :tup: i'm thinking i'm gonna hit the 'Seattle Premium Outlets' in Tulalip, and then Barneys, then NM... :party:.

    Any suggestions? :nuts:
  2. oh fun my bro and sil are in seattle today. THe exchange rate is so fab right now. How much r u looking to spend?? cl's would be a good deal right now
  3. looking to spend around $300 on each pair...! :yes:
  4. if you are going to Barneys then you can also stop by at Marios since they are a block away. There is no NM in Seattle. Nordstrom downtown near pacific place have one of the larger shoe salons in town this is also very close to Barneys etc ...

    for funky, fun good quality boots you can check out also Jon Fluevog on 205 Pine st.

    have fun shopping here!
  5. Oh I have a pair of Fluvog boots. They are soooo cute. Low heeled riding boot and look kind of medival. My DH says I look like a ring master in them!
  6. If you're going to Barneys, you might as well go to Nordstrom downtown. Great shoes! :tup: Although there's no NM yet, Bellevue's NM should be opening this season! Yay! :yahoo:
  7. I want a booty too! Oh wait, you means boots??? ;) hehe

  8. Bellevue NM opens in 2009.
  9. Orinoco - I have to echo what some others have said. #1 is Nordstroms, at Pine and 6th...north side of Pine. They have the biggest selection. If you want to go to Barneys, they are at 6th and Pine, too...just cross the street going east. Barneys is small, but don't forget to look at the Bbags! :yahoo: Personally, I love John Fluevog. They are also on Pine, just east of 2nd on the south side of the street. I have about 25 pairs of Fluevogs. I'm sure you know about them, since he is from Vancouver and it all started there! One more place is the Nordstrom Rack. They have tons of shoes on the second floor. Their designer section is right at the top of the steps when you get to the second floor. I just got some great Manolos and some Bruno Maglis. Nordstrom Rack is also on Pine, at 2nd on the northwest corner. We are getting a Neiman Marcus back again...some time next year. It will be in Bellevue. Have fun!
  10. Well we dont' have a NM here (saw your earlier post), but if you are going to downtown Seattle be SURE to hit Mario's as well as Barneys. They are walking distance between eachother in the downtown core.