Going blonde...Good idea to go at home?

  1. I want to go blonde,but im not sure weither i should do it at home or at a salon.

    I currently have dyed dark brown hair.

    Any advice on a good hair color box?

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. I would definitely go to the salon for going completely blonde. You don't want to turn your hair orange. :nogood:
  3. go to a salon... you don't wanna come out with uneven, streaky, or worse, green hair!
  4. salon:tup:
  5. I work at a salon so of course I'm going to say go to the salon. If you do it at home, there's a 99.9% chance your hair WILL turn orange. Trust me, I've seen it!!
  6. I am a hairstylist, and I would for sure go to salon to get it done, like LaurenAshley said your hair would more than likely turn a lovely shade of orange!!
  7. At least this first time-maybe maintainance can be done at home later!
  8. definatly a salon....especially since your hair is already colored dark...it will definatly turn funky colors if you dont get it done at a salon.....your better off spending the money to have it done at a salon!
  9. You should go to a salon ^-^ you wouldn't want your hair to turn another color.
  10. you have DYED dark hair...you must go to the salon
  11. Any blond hair dye you use from a box will not lift the dark brown color off your hair. It will probably need to be stripped/bleached first and then a blond toner put on. Really think about this before you do it. Have you seen the pictures of Rumor Willis posted here with her new blond hair-she went from dark brown to blond and it looks horrible....and she had to pay top money for it. I think this is a drastic step to take and you need to speak with a colorist first, maybe start with some streaks to see if you like it because it can damage your hair if you have been coloring it for some time with dark brown. I have a short pixie cut and have had my hair dyed extra light blond, in the salon and at home. It always came out great but then again I only had maybe 3 inch layers and my hair was healthy. But now I have gone to light/med. brown with carmel highlights and love it more than the blond. It is easier to take care of for me.
    Good luck with what ever you decide.
  12. ^^^I agree with this 100%. There are clients who come in all the time asking for this complete dramatic change, and it's just not recommended. Going from a dark color to blonde in one session will break and damage your hair severely. It's better to do it gradually. Ever see that episode of America's Next Top Model where the one girl had to get her hair dyed this bright yellowish shade of blonde from dark brown hair? I can't even rememer what cycle it was, but she was in so much pain she was crying as they were washing her out. Bleach burns BADLY! Even when I'm just rinsing a client out and I get some bleach on my hands, it's horrible. Also agree with what was said about Rumer Willis. That dye job took SEVEN hours!!!

    Best to go gradual!!! Do yourself a favor!!
  13. as everyone has already mentioned, you should go to a solon... especially if you have dark brown hair! good luck, can't wait to see pictures.
  14. if you do it yourself, you'll regret it. severely. a lot. even more if it makes all your hair fall it.

    it always baffles me why some people will spend lots of money on things like clothes and handbags but won't plunk down $150-$200 for a good hair colorist. you wear your hair every single day, and if you screw it up, you can't just go out and replace it.

    go to someone with lots of experience, and LISTEN to the recommendations they make. those people make so much money for a dye job for a reason, and it's because doing it at home is a terrible idea 99% of the time.
  15. definitely salon! I'm hoping everyone else has you convinced by now. Really, it's too drastic a change for you to do on your own, particularly if you have no experience with this and have no idea how things will turn out. Then you have to consider that the products in the box are really much harsher than what they use in the salon.
    If you want to completely change your look, I think it's worth investing in a few salon visits. This way you're sure it's done right and you'll have a better chance of being satisfied with the end result.