Going Blonde (Asian hair)

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  1. ooh great advice. i'll still consider going blonde.. but that's in the back burner for now. your hair looks great! glad to hear your hair withstood the damage. what shade are your eyebrows? I also have incredibly thick seemingly damage-resistant hair. it's pretty healthy so my stylist remarks. hopefully i'll have the same luck as you!

    ALSO, does anyone have any suggestions for NYC salons that do this and do this well??? Your $150 dye job and $90 root filling sounds like a pretty good deal--something in that price range in NYC? I'll be moving there soon and will need to find a new stylist, etc. :sad:
  2. that will look sick. what are you going to do about eyebrows?
  3. i'm lightening them to a medium brown. or more like 45% cocoa chocolate. haha.
  4. I've gone quite light, not as light as the OP's picture but close. I was in college then, and it was fun. It did damage my hair, and keeping up with the hair appts every 4-6 weeks was a pain and expensive.

    Although I don't want to go that light anymore....at least for a while:graucho:, I think people go through different stages, and if you need to get it out of your system, you should! :smile:

    I must admit though....now that I've had my natural dark hair for about 3 years, that it does get kind of boring....LOL.
  5. You wld need to get your hair bleached, then they will add on the blonde / light browb? colour and u wld need to condition your hair often and abstain from chem treatments like perming, rebonding, etc for a while. Even while rebonding or perming in future, u shld let your hairstylist know which parts have been bleached and i think they wld use diff chems on those parts.

    Of cos frequent touchups will be needed esp at the roots since the diff in col wld be rather obvious. Have fune! Hope this helps.
  6. If you haven't already dyed your hair, I would strongly suggest lightening your hair a bit and then adding blonde highlights instead of just dyeing it right away. I only suggest this because going from dark brown to blonde is rather shocking (maybe not to you, but to those around you). And I also suggest this because I know a lot of people who hated the look and it was such a pain to go back to their natural hair color.

    Also, no matter how well you take care of your hair and how much you condition, once you stop dyeing your hair, the condition will be HORRIBLE. I dyed my hair very often for 4+ years and never really had a problem with it being dry and brittle, but when I stopped dyeing my hair, my hair was so dry and brittle even with constant conditioning. It took 2 years for my hair to feel smooth and soft again. But again, I did dye my hair at least once every 3-4 weeks (I hated any roots showing).

    P.S. I'm not trying to scare you away from dyeing your hair because I loved doing it myself, (only stopped since my bf hated it =p).
  7. I'm part Asian and I had my jet black hair turned into blonde a couple of years ago. I loved it and had received many compliments. It wasn't orange tone or tacky looking like import models. (no offense) The maintenance was really annoying and expensive. And just like many people have said before, it did damage my hair up to this day. Now my hair is back to jet black and I really do miss some color in it but can't deal with damaging my poor hair again. You only live once so you might as well experiment. Good luck with you hair :smile:
  8. i personally think asians with blond hair look georgous! i especially loved Sinsu from Paris Hiltons my new bff, she went blond, and she rocked it!

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