Going Blonde (Asian hair)

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  1. So I have typical, dark Asian hair and have been in the mood for a change lately (especially since I recently had a haircut and now my formerly-midback length hair is shoulder length).

    I really like this ash-blond colour (image from www.style-arena.jp)


    Now I've never gone so much lighter than my natural shade before; in fact, it has been probably 3 years since I last dyed my hair and that colour wasn't very light at all. What is the upkeep going to be like? How often will I need to fill in the roots? How much will it cost at your avg. hair salon? How damaging will so much peroxide be?

    And finally, I also heard that dying hair black is also very damaging so that if I ever did want to go back to black, I'd be looking at really terrible quality hair.

    Anyone have experience with this? Info and advice appreciated!
  2. I've had my hair bleached and dyed a lighter shade before and there will be consequences no matter the range of color you get. The key is to keep it conditioned and trim the ends. Your hair will grow out, and it's worth it if you're happy with the color.

    Cost wide, it will depend on your salon. Dye jobs in my place, can range from $80 to $300 depending on where you get it done and the complexity (do you want several highlights?). You will need to upkeep your roots every once a month or so ....
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    I recommend that you find a very reputable beautician in your area and schedule a consultation.

    Maintenance for the new growth should be scheduled about every 4 weeks, depending on your personal preferences.

    I personally do not recommend black hair dye to my clients, especially for men or women who like to color and high-light frequently as it is very harsh on your hair to remove or re-lighten.

    If you decide to darken your hair sometime later after lightening, you could always blend your natural color and the lightened shade closer to your natural color with low-lites etc. It would be a gradual process and help retain the health of your hair.
  4. Its been a long time (about 3 years) since I did any blonde in my hair.

    All i can remember is my hair was super dead, dry, and it costed me $200 or so at Regis salon. >_<
  5. i went blonde for a while, it wasn't ash more like a golden honey blonde.

    the cost was expensive. about $400 total, since you can't do it in one swoop. you'll have to go back at least twice. the bleach will take about 40ish minutes to lighten you hair the first time, and even then it will only take your black to a brassy orange, yes you'll have to live with orange hair for a couple weeks. then they'll go back and lighten it again, and then put in the toner.

    if you try and do it all in one sitting, or any shorter than 2 weeks in between appointments, you risk SEVERELY damaging your hair to the point of no return.

    if you like the color, and want no roots to show, at ALL, you'll probably have to get them touched up every 2-3 weeks. or if you're not as strict on roots showing, you can allow longer.

    that being said i wish you all the luck in your hair dying journey.

    i'll be going through the same thing as you, but i'm going from my natural dark brown asian hair, to platnium white. pure white like snow.

    damaging? probably, and i'll have to let me hair rest for weeks in between, but i'm willing to do it. :smile:
  6. imo, asian people do not look good with blond hair... even if you maintain it well, the asian face is a dead give away... (and yes, I've dyed my hair blond-ish too in the past... one of my biggest mistakes)
  7. YIKES! Brassy orange.... eughh.... lol
    Maybe I'll just get a blond wig :P

    WOW pure, snow white eh??? That'll be interesting! I'd love to see some pics when you get that done!

    Well, I'm not sure what you mean by "dead give away"... I'm not doing it to look non-Asian--just doing it for a change. The Asian girl in my photo looks super cute with that colour hair! hehe
  8. don't do it!!! eeek!!! your hair is going to feel like HAY.

    also, it will look really really unnatural... imo, borderline import car model trashy.

    that girl in that photo you posted looks cute cuz half her hair is covered.
  9. Haha I recently went lighter in March. I used to have blonde hair throughout high school and then I went back to being a brunette. My SO suggested I should go back to blonde when he saw my old pictures. I quit my job at the office so I thought why not. We got the hair dye from the local market and decided to do it at home (SO helped me). We assumed that we had to do the roots first because they were growing out but the roots turned lighter so the next day we went back and bought 2 more boxes and did it again. Jeez, my hair was FLAMING orange. I felt like some kind of Japanese anime character. I HAD to change it because I looked silly. So I booked an appointment with this hair salon I have been going to for years. They took out all of the orange and made it ashy blonde which I wanted. So far my hair doesn't look or feel like hay and I bleached it 3 times in one week!!! I was pretty amazed how well my hair held up. I guess it's safe to say I was blessed with thick, healthy, strong hair! Anyways, it cost me $150 and I go back every 2 months to get my roots done and that costs me $90. I don't think any asian girl that dyes their hair blonde looks like an import model. It also depends on the way you dress.

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    Personally I think Asian women (and men) have the most gorgeous hair on the planet. I would seriously think long and hard before dyeing it at all. Maybe do something temporary just for a fun change....a wig would be a lot cheaper than all the maintainence you'd be dealing with. Good luck with your decision!

  11. You are so brave....is your hair super short? Would love to see pics!
  12. Upkeep is the biggest pain. I haven't gone as light as blonde but I had to get my roots done every month. My stylist is Asian (has recieved alot of recognition for her coloring work) knows my hair, would all ways add a conditioning treatment while I was there. My hair texture was basically the same when I walked in as when I left. TBH blonde doesn't work for everyone, if you all ready have a strong yellow undertone the blonde may make you look jaundice.
  13. it's not super short, but it's somewhat is...

    it's like the first pic right now

    just...dark brown instead of blonde. but i'm not gonna go blonde, i'm going pure white like Calvin Klein Collection SS09. (second pic)

    i won't be doing it until the fall though, i'm on an intense workout routine now, because to pull off this hair you need to have strong features. i have them, but a lot has changed since i was in high school, and now that i'm in college. hahahahaha... i'm just trying to get back to my 17 year old weight and muscle tone, and i'll be ready to dye it.

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  14. if you're too scared, go for a full head of blonde highlights instead!
  15. Who does everyone think suits blonde hair? I had blonde hair as a toddler/small child but now its medium brown. I have dark brown eyes (definitely not hazel but not super dark).

    I've been thinking of dying my hair a medium blonde colour but I'm not sure if it would look good and how intensive would the upkeep be to avoid the whole darker roots look? I'm 18 years old if that helps.

    I have a really unique brown shade which has natural highlights and looks really rich and gorgeous in the sun but I kind of want a new look but I'm afraid if it doesn't turn out well whether I can find a similar match to my natural hair colour or whether you can strip the blonde out? I have thickish slightly wavy hair. TIA