Going backwards and what to do ?

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  1. Most people start with LV by getting a mono speedy. I on the other hand have a few LVs and am now thinking I still would really like the classic mono speedy. I didn't buy it in the begining because you see it everywhere,but I still can't get it out of my head. Should I save for this or wait till something else grabs me? :confused1:
  2. Mono speedy will always be available so if it´s not must-have for you then maybe you should buy something else :smile: but if you really want it then go for it!
  3. I love the speedys . I have an azur 25 and a red epi 25. I love these bags and wear them all summer long, but I tend to wear my mono Bh and mono petit bucket the most because they match my clothing better.
  4. Oh get the speedy!!!! I have had a mono 35 and 40 and I have LOVED both!!!!!

    You won't be disappointed!
  5. I also did the same thing like you. I purchased a couple of bags before I got my first speedy in 2006. IMO, I would get the speedy because you're probably always going to think about getting it in the back of your mind.
  6. speedy is better.
  7. thats what i did, i bought a wholeee bunch of other bags and i juts got my mono speedy =)
  8. None of my bags have very much patina because I rotate my bags so much. Can the mono speedy get caught in the rain once it has a good patina?
  9. It seems I'm not the only one who is thinking about this.
  10. Going backwards? Just don't assume there's a right & a wrong way. I wouldn't call it "going backwards" ~ but I don't blame you for not wanting a Speedy to begin with. It is the perfect bag in so many ways ~ I guess that's why there's so many fakes. But you do have to reach the point where it's a "I know mine's real, and that's all that matters" kind of a mindset.
  11. I have 7 LV bags and I just bought my first speedy (monogram 30) about a month ago, and i LOVE it. So classic and handy, it holds A LOT. I say get it.
  12. I would recommend that you get it only if you truly love it. It's a classic, sure, but if you only get it for that reason, you may not use it. :flowers:
  13. unless you are lusting after a seasonal or LE piece that's about to be sold out, there's nothing wrong in getting a speedy now. if you definitely love it, then go and get it!

    there isn't a right or wrong way to collect LVs. just go with what your heart says! :smile:
  14. I have a handfull of LV's too and did not start with a Mono Speedy because it's so common where I live. I tried the 35 then found out that the Aquarelle (that I've WL for) is a 35 so I returned the Mono.

    I'll still eventually get a Mono Speedy later since I love the style!
  15. The last time I was at Lv the Sa talked me out of the speedy. She kept saying how it is an entry level bag and wouldn't I prefer the new Galleria or the Monty. They are both beautiful bags but the galleria is to big for me. I like medium sized bags. The Monty seems very similar in size to my damier pap 30,but it is the size I like. The shape of the speedy is what does it for me. I need a new bag like I need a hole in the head though.