Going back to work

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  1. Guys I need your honest opinion...

    I am offered to do more advance job scope if I go back to work. It would be really good for my CV. However that means I will have to leave my 5 month old baby with my in laws. If I request they will not hesitate to move in and live with us in a heartbeat.

    By going back to work, I have to give up my housewife job and see my in laws everyday, living with them. They are nice but they are very inexperience in looking after a baby. They did not look after my hubby when he was a baby.

    1) asking if I should start feeding solid since baby is 2 months old
    2)change diapers every 30 mins
    3)will not play with baby just keep cuddle until she falls asleep again
    4) questioning my breastmilk, whether. Blame breastmilk that baby is awake, crying, diarrhoea etc

    At night then I can't really be with my husband because they want to be with their son....

    What should I do.....
  2. Can you take the job and find other childcare for your baby?
  3. Find alternative childcare?
    Go back to work part-time so that you would only have your in-laws for part of the week?

    Why do they need to move in?

    I have to say that I wouldn't actually ever leave my children with my in-laws even with the ages they are now (4 and 2) because they haven't got a clue about how to deal with them. My parents, on the other hand, deal with them marvellously.
  4. Why would you have to have your in-laws LIVING with you as childcare? They seem totally inappropriate. If the job sounds like something you want to do then look for competent childcare and go in that direction.
  5. Oh goodness no! Don't do that. I agree with the others, if you want the job, try to find other childcare or it won't be worth it if it means having live in family.
  6. We looked for a nanny when we ran into a similar issue.
  7. I have been through this four times and the fifth time coming up - I wouldn't want my parents or my inlaws to take care of my kids for various reasons as a permanent option, and my MIL has raised 9 kids (btw she pretty much wouldn't do it bec she has reached her limits..)

    in any case: with my first three, they just went to daycare, the second and third from 4 months and they are still alive and kicking ;). I totally get why parents might be hesitant about it but there are really good places out there and my kids have not really suffered from it. with the fourth one I was fortunate enough to afford a full-time carer who will also take care of no 5 but then no 4 will also go to daycare from this year - they get too bored at home after a while.

    don't get me wrong - parenting and career/working is ALWAYS a struggle but that is an individual choice we make - however I wouldn't want to also accommodate anyone beyond my hubby, kids and myself after a long day at work, so having someone else live with you FOR YOUR BENEFIT doesn't sound like a good arrangement