Going back to work Monday...

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  1. As most of you know I've been dreading going back to work, well now the awful day is right around the corner.

    I am going to do half days my first 2 days back to get her used to daycare, but I'm so sad about it all.

    Not only that but bc of some mixup with the stupid HR woman I almost got written up for not notifying my boss that I needed extra time! She's only 6 weeks on Friday WTH are they thinking!! I was never supposed to be back until this Monday anyway.
  2. Sweetie, I am so sorry....
    with #1, I had to go back at 6 weeks, with #2 & #3, I went back at 4 weeks...it was SOOOO hard...but soon you will fall into a rhythm that seems so feels normal and manageable.
  3. Good Luck hun! 6 weeks already.
  4. i took 8 weeks and I am right behind you, starting work on Tuesday......I want to take 2 additional weeks, cause now all of a sudden i am tired.. I wasnt the entire time I was off.... good for me my aunt is a Liscensed care provider, bad news is I got to go past my job to get to her ( I work 4 minutes from home) and its bad weather here...sigh....
  5. Yea, I have to go 10 minutes in the opposite direction to take her to daycare, but they have internet monitoring, believe it or not that is a rare thing here in my city, even though it's a big city. Plus a friend of mine knows the owner.
    I went by the other day and met the worker in her room and made sure they understood that she is to never be put on her stomach.

    They all seemed really nice.