Going back to work after maternity leave

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  1. I am dreading going back to work since having my baby girl. Its been 8 weeks and I only have 2 more weeks left until I have to go back. To make myself feel better I decided buy something I wanted for a very long time. Anyone up for a reveal??
  2. I am here.
  3. I am, I am!!!
    (Congratulations on the birth of your daughter btw!)
  4. ForumRunner_20120914_210444.png

    Here is the lovely black chanel box
  5. oh dear, I think I'm the impatient type....
  6. Its the 12A red mini!




  7. I'm also very impatient!
  8. Congrats on your baby girl! Treasure every moment and show us what you purchased!
  9. Oh it is perfect!! Green (red?) with envy! Enjoy!
  10. The red is soo gorgeous. Congratulations on the baby and a beautiful Chanel.
  11. Wow square mini.. I just bought my rectangular red 12a mini.. And my daughter loves it.. So she play with it the whole night.. Congrats for your new baby born and your new mini.. Both will bring lots lots of joy.. :smile:
  12. Thanks everyone!
  13. Beautiful mini . Congratulations on the birth of your bubba too. Seems like our babies must have been born within days of each other. My baby girl is 9 weeks old.
  14. She is 7 weeks old :smile: congratulations to you also!
  15. Congrats on the baby and the bag :smile: