Going back to TX from being back home :-(((

  1. Hey guys! Well, after a looong time waiting for our vacation back home to southern california, it is now, unfortunately over. :'-( We're flying back to Texas this afternoon and it's really depressing me. Coming back home really made me homesick....horribly.

    What makes me sad is that I see alot of people out here who are worse off than my family and I are they get to live out here. Why cant I? My mother makes it seem like living in California is waaaaaaaaaay out of our means and it just seems like school will never be over and I will never get to come back home permanently.

    Sorry guys- just had to vent...i really miss it back home. People say I will get use to TX but it's been 2 years and im more homesick than ever...:crybaby:
  2. take care, time passes so stay strong. :flowers:
  3. home is almost always home, no matter where it was originally.
    Instead of trying to make Texas your new home, could you try just enjoying it for what it has to offer and know that at the end of school or whatever you're doing here you can go back "home"?

    I am from Ok and moved to TX a long time ago.
    I hated it at first and visited home every chance I could. . . I can't even remember when I started changing and started to enjoy it more, but now when I go "home" to visit, it doesn't feel like home anymore.

    In any case, I'm sorry you're unhappy :sad:
  4. I'm sorry you feel this way...I guess I can sorta relate, although maybe not to the same degree. When I first moved to college (I didn't move out of state), I was terribly homesick...although I was in the same state, the differing cities and way of life (college life and high school life was completely different for me, and I was faced with new ideas/people/concepts I've never experienced or thought about) really made me sad and depressed. I vowed that I'd never make this city my home...

    Well, 4 years later, I didn't love the place, but I got used to it, and I have to admit, I LOVED living on my own and my new friends. And whenever I did come "home"...it didn't feel like home, anymore. My town was changing (and still is), my "home" friends were moving on with their lives, and...I had other ambitions, too. I'll admit, I'll always miss what I had before I went to college, but I know that I can't bring the past to my present. And I didn't want to end up like most of my high school classmates who, after leaving college, ended up living in the same town or around the same area! Did you know that most people end up living in or around the same area that they grew up in (I can't remember the exact percentage, but I remember it was pretty high)? Interesting fact.

    Anyway, I *do* want you to know that in life (esp. living residencies) nothing is permanent, and you are welcome to live anywhere you please. You don't have to live in Texas, forever. But, like Swanky said, enjoy what TX has to offer for you in the time being...I don't think CA is leaving for a while :sweatdrop:
  5. Thanks guys!! I just got back and I am definently taking all of your advice to heart. :-]] I realized that no matter what, once my DH and I are financially set we CAN move back to California and in the mean time I will just finish school and keep my priorities straight so I can make my move sooner! Its not actually my friends that I miss, I miss just all the things I was accustomed to doing and just the way of life.
  6. It is hard. I lived in MA for 20 years & now CT for 5 years. Now I have to move to OK. I am not looking forward to it BUT it's just temporary.

    Like Swanky said, try to make the best of it. Change, experience will make you stronger!

    I hope to move back to MA eventually but its going to be a BARE minimum of 3 years in OK!

    Best to you & (((HUGS))) too!